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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by /damien, Apr 24, 2017.

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    Right now I'm working on setting up a Factions server and as the Faction Warzone/Safezone claiming doesn't really work, I've used World Guard. I'm having an issue though, when someone leaves spawn, there is a 100x100 area of "warzone" where players can't modify the world but pvp is allowed outside of spawn, and then outside of the warzone is the wilderness. I need to have a message when players leave the warzone and enter the wilderness. If I set a farewell on the warzone, it will say they are entering the wild if they go back into spawn, if I put a line around the warzone with a greeting, it will say they are entering the wilderness if they walk over it again to go to warzone.
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    Have you tried selecting the ENTIRE Warzone and then creating your message? Find both corners dig all the way down on one edge (to bedrock) and on the other fly all the way up above Y: 256. This will select your entire Warzone and spawn with the farewell message. Create your region and flag the farewell. When someone leaves Warzone, they will get the Farewell Message. However, re entering spawn would trigger the enter message. An alternative for this would be to create 4 regions. (One for each side around spawn) down to bedrock and up to Y: 256. Making your desired Entrance and Farewell messages for each. Then select your spawn and make it a separate region. And then define your Farewrll and Enter messages. Walking into the Warzone would trigger your "Entering Warzone" Walking out would trigger "Entering Wild" and entering spawn would trigger "Entering Spawn". Or something along those lines.

    Hope this helped!
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