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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by si7vder, Aug 11, 2015.

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    For some reason it's possible for people to claim lands with factions in worldguard regions.
    There is no option in either of them to disable it (the old version of factions used to have some kind of worldguard check but that was many versions ago).

    Does someone know a solution?

    Disabing /f claim and /f claim auto in the regions is NOT a solution. They can use /f claim auto just outside the region and walk back in there.

    Claiming the region with some other faction like safezone or such is not a solution either.

    The only solution I can think of is downgrading my factions back to a version that had a WorldGuard check in it.
    Anyone know other solutions?
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    Are there any wg flags that will apply to your region? And what will conflict with claiming for WarZone?
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    Different players are owners of all kinds of different regions. I can't just claim all the regions with some specific faction.
    Also the other problem with that is factions claim per chunk so it's impossible to claim specific regions.

    So what flags are you talking about? There is the worldguard flag to block a command but like I said they could use /f autoclaim outside the region and then walk inside the region to claim it.
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    Ty anyway, the only solution I can think of is just disabling the autoclaim command entirely and blocking the claim command in the regions.
    It will annoy some people that they no longer have autoclaim but so be it.
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    I think that flat out denying auto-claiming and just blocking claiming in the WorldGuard region is a good call. Though yes, some people will be bothered by it, it's not something that's absolutely crucial. On my Towny server there is no "autoclaim" feature that allows you walk around chunks and well, automatically claim them. The people that will actually get annoyed are the staff with CommandSpy, seeing a player run /t claim (in my case) every 5 seconds is bothersome xD
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    Walking and claiming is done using /res toggle townclaim
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    Oh xD Well no one on my server seems to know that, I'll put it in an announcement, thanks!
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