Problem/Bug [WorldGuard] Exit The region via Portals?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by motionfrog, Jan 14, 2016.

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    Hello. So I'm having a little spawn world that is easy for players to exit the spawn area. Therefore, i set a region for the spawn area. And set the region's exit flag to deny.

    So the problem is, I build some portals (using Multiverse-Portals) in the area and If the player jump into the portal, it teleports the player to another world, but the 'exit' flag in the spawn region blocks the players to teleport to another world. So I think you guys have some solution for this problem? Thanks :/

    So maybe, if you didn't understand what i wrote above, you can check this thread
    I got a same problem with: , I tried everything that posted in that thread. (creating a child region, set priority on a region, set exit-via-teleport flag, etc.)

    Thanks ;)

    Here's some sketch image that can help:
    Red: Player can't enter this
    Green: The Spawn area, set a region with exit deny flag.
    Blue: portals, that can't teleport to another world
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