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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by CryoCrafter, Jul 22, 2019.

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  1. Hey guys, I have a KitPvP server with a very high spawn and I want players to jump down wheever they want, but thy should not get fall damage. Also, I want the players to receive fall damage everytime they drop down after the leaving of the spawn area. So basically what I am looking for is a mechanic that allows me to give people once they leave a worldguard region called "spawn" resistance 200 for like 3 seconds. Best would be a plugin integrating with WOrldguard and compatible with 1.14.3
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    This is easy. I might do this when i get home.

    I anybody else wants to beat me to it, feel free. I won't start until 3 hours from now.
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    I won't integrate with worldguard or give resistance. I'm going to let you define a range through the config and i'm cancelling all player fall damage in that range.
  4. But thats not what I wont, because the spawn is over the battlefield and players in the battlefield should get fall damage
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    Oh alright, then i'll disable fall damage from a configurable Y height within that range. That'll do right?
  6. So you mean if the player jumps off between y1 and y2 in the area of x1-x2;z1,z2 he will not get fall damage if he lands?
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    No. Just a minimum value. If he jumps from above say Y 120 then he doesn ttake fall damage in a given x/z coord range.
    Will that do or do i not need to bother then?
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    Should just make a light plugin that checks the chat if they've left the spawn.
    Add to a list when they receive a chat msg that they left spawn.
    Remove them from list when they hit the ground.
    Haven't coded for Minecraft in a while but pretty sure WorldGuard gives out messages, right?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Thing with that method is that you need to use ProtocolLib or packets to get the messages out.
  10. Ive got ProtocolLib, so thats no problem at all
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  12. I dont really understand the plugin, is the min coordinate the lower coordinate corner of the region? And what is the fall height?

    So do I use the min / max coords to define a region? And whats with the fall distance? Can you make it so it is the min y coord where playxers have to jump from in that area to not get damage?

    Edit: Alright, after severe testing I have now found out how it works. But the way it works is kinda bad for my server, as I have multiple high buildings close to spawn which can cause interference with the fall damage. I would like to be able to set a minimum height players have to jump from to not take fall damage in the specific area
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  14. Thank you a lot =)
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