WorldGuard based custom potion effects.

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    Plugin category: Mech​
    Suggested name: PotionZones​
    What I want: The basic idea of the plugin should have been pretty well explained by the title but I would still like to go over some finer details.​
    What would this plugin do? It would allow the addition of custom potion effects to a certain WorldGuard region.​
    Custom potions? Impossible in vanilla! Of course it is! I am referring to the new 1.5 functionality to create boosted potion effects.​
    For example: Let's say we wanted an area where the player ran at 12 times their current speed. That's impossible to do right now without this kind of plugin available.​
    Now I know what you're thinking. "How would this ever benefit 99.99% of servers?" Well as much as I wanted to keep the idea to myself I figured you would need some kind of incentive to create the here it is; I want to use the plugin to make multiple pvp arena's for my server.​
    I have a feeling half of you left at the though of the last paragraph but those of you who remain - hear me out! I want to let the users choose multiple settings for different pvp arena's and each arena would require some different potion effects to fulfil this wish entirely.​
    For example, let's say that I was planning to make a sky pvp arena. For this to work I would have 10 different platforms all totally separate from each other with varying heights. Where would the plugin come into play? I would add the following effects: Jump Boost 12 (For example) and speed 5 (Also for example). This would enable the players to pvp in a fast paced and highly dangerous way that involved taking death-defying leaps between the platforms all while having to concentrate on where the other players are AND where they are going.​
    Ideas for commands:
    /pz addeffect [region name] [effect] [level] - Adds the selected [effect] to the selected [region] with a power of [level].​
    /pz removeeffect [region name] [effect] - Removes the selected [effect] from the selected [region]​
    /pz clear [region name] - Removes all effects from the selected [region]​
    Ideas for permissions:
    player.ezadd (Allows the player to add a custom effect to a region).​
    player.ezremove (Allows the player to remove a custom effect from a region).​
    player.ezclear (Allows the player to remove all custom effects from a region).​
    When I'd like it by: Whenever! I honestly don't have a great need for it for the next week or so.​
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    OtherBounds can already do this :) Take a look at the project page and let me know if you have more specific questions (I could write up some example configs later when I've got more time).
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    Nearly perfect! Only problem is that it only contains potions effects. I could use a beacon and get the same effect.
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    My understanding was that beacons only have subset of the available potion effects. Also, are you able to set Jump level 5/10/20/etc with Beacons?

    Other considerations are that you may not want the visible indication of the beacon nor the pyramid it sits on.

    Jump@12 and Speed@5 are possible in 1.4.7 with Otherbounds and/or other plugins (OtherDrops for example allows you to set any level potion effects when breaking blocks/killing mobs/etc).

    OtherBounds config example:
    ticks: 30
    safeinsideboundary: false
        region: "Blah"
        world: world
        damage: 0
        except: [Xyzzy]  # optional list of player names, eg. [plugh, xarqn, fred]
        exceptpermissions: [mainBoundaryOverride]  # give players otherbounds.custom.mainBoundaryOverride (note, cannot include _ characters)
        messagedanger: "Warning - high radiation level detected."  # note: this repeats every cycle
        messagesafe: You have returned to safer lands.
        potioneffects: [SPEED@50@5, JUMP@50@12]  # continous speed & jump effect in the region
    Setting the duration of the effects to 50 ticks means that it fades out pretty quick when leaving the region but when inside the region the effect is updated every 30 ticks so never goes away (until you leave).

    What specific effects are you trying to achieve that can't be done with potion effects? Not sure what you mean about "boosted potion effects" in 1.5 - if you just mean higher level potion effects that was possible previously too.
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    Aha! Sorry about that, looked over the plugin more throughly and spotted that it did actually contain boosted potions. :) Thanks for the help!
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    Cool - OtherBounds is still pretty new so let me know how it goes for you, I can tweak/improve it if needed.

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