WorldGuard Admin Node! (worldguard.* or worldguard.admin) Don't Work!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by BoxedKian, Nov 17, 2011.

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    Hey Guys. Title basically says it all. I have a Server and I'm trying to give a fellow Staff member all access to WorldGuard. I already gave him WorldEdit Wand and Position Selecting.

    He needs to get WorldGuard Admin.




    Doesn't work.

    EDIT: PermissionsBukkit doesn't support the .* Wild Card apparently. How do I give him WorldGuard Admin Access without every single node...?
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    Which Permissions plugin are you using?
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    I just Edit'd the topic. Read the "EDIT:"
  4. Have you installed the SuperPerms bridge? This would allow the .* to work, also you could change permissions plugins - I know for a fact that PermissionEX allows this.
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    I currently own a fairly big Server and the last thing I want to do is re-do permissions. Your telling me that all is do is install this JAR for the Bridge. Nothing else happens. Nodes don't change. Permissions in McMyAdmin don't reset or change either?
  6. I understand, changing permission is a hassle! But, Yes! Just drop this jar into your plugins folder and in theory it should work, it will not change any permission you already have. It will just enable the * wildcard functionality - which is what you need to fix your problem.
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    Yeah... turns out we already have the bridge yet worldguard.* still won't work!
  8. Have you updated the Super-Perms bridge to the latest version?
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    PermissionsBukkit SORTA supports the .* wildcard nodes, but only if the plugin defines the .* nodes. WorldEdit/WorldGuard claims support this, according to the documentation, and it works fine on my server with PermissionsBukkit:
                worldedit.*: true
                worldguard.*: true
    If you wanna pastebin your plugins/PermissionsBukkit/config.yml file and a startup log we can have a look and see why it's not working for you.
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    We've been working on this for hours via McMyAdmin and FTP yet nothing is working. We are practically losing hope.

    Yes we have, Updated, Rebooted and all. Many times.

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