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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by sockmonkey1, Feb 11, 2014.

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    I have been developing a plugin (shocker on a bukkit forum int he development...) I want to have this area above an arena be reset everytime a player joins. I have everything around this working and set-up. I just need the blocks to reset, the blocks will be 5%gold blocks 1% diamond blocks and the rest air.

    I want to use WorldEdit because its really great at doing this in commands. I recently talked to a nice person on the IRC for WorldEdit and he showed me this. And I attempted to make something work off it it. Since I want the plugin to reset these blocks and not a player it was a little challenging. so far I have this;

    1. Vector minV = arena.getMinVector();
    2. Vector maxV = arena.getMaxVector();
    4. CuboidRegion region = new CuboidRegion(minV, maxV);
    6. World world = Bukkit.getWorld("world");
    7. BukkitWorld bworld = new BukkitWorld(world);
    8. EditSession editSession = new EditSession(bworld, -1);
    10. List<BlockChance> blockChances = new ArrayList<BlockChance>();
    11. BaseBlock goldBlock = new BaseBlock(41);
    12. BaseBlock diamondBlock = new BaseBlock(57);
    13. BaseBlock air = new BaseBlock(0);
    14. blockChances.add(new BlockChance(goldBlock, .05));
    15. blockChances.add(new BlockChance(diamondBlock, .01));
    16. blockChances.add(new BlockChance(air, .94));
    17. RandomFillPattern rfp = new RandomFillPattern(blockChances);
    19. try {
    20. editSession.setBlocks(region, rfp);
    21. } catch (MaxChangedBlocksException e) {
    22. e.printStackTrace();
    23. }

    I do not get errors, It just doesn't work... Honestly I wish I had errors, then I might know that there is something wrong!

    I have been all over looking for this. This really is a last resort. I have been to almost every class in the wordedit plugin on github. I went thru a little bit of the WorldGuard plugin on git hub because I know the two tie into eachother!

    So I don't know if you guys can help me. I'm not really hoping for too much. I'm sure you guys will just link me pages from github that I have already seen.

    TL;DR: I can't get the region above the area to set the randomblocks. I have seached thru WorldEdit on github. Please no github page links. I have already been there, and actually have it bookmarked so I do know how to get there.

    Maybe instead of making WorldEdit do the editing make I can just use this snip of code from WorldEdit to make my plugin change the area.
    1. Vector min = region.getMinimumPoint();
    2. Vector max = region.getMaximumPoint();
    4. int minX = min.getBlockX();
    5. int minY = min.getBlockY();
    6. int minZ = min.getBlockZ();
    7. int maxX = max.getBlockX();
    8. int maxY = max.getBlockY();
    9. int maxZ = max.getBlockZ();
    11. for (int x = minX; x <= maxX; ++x) {
    12. for (int y = minY; y <= maxY; ++y) {
    13. for (int z = minZ; z <= maxZ; ++z) {
    14. Vector pt = new Vector(x, y, z);
    16. if (setBlock(pt, {
    17. ++affected;
    18. }
    19. }
    20. }
    21. }

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    Your code is working perfectly for me, maybe the world or the locations are wrong? Make some debug output to check if they're really correct.
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    :O oh that means I'm close! yay thanks!

    Checked for nulls as it turns out I wasn't adding my vectors! oops! Well I at least hope this helps someone who needs it in the future as there is like NO documentation on how WorldEdit works!

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