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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by mrgreen33gamer, Jan 2, 2014.

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    How do you disable compass teleport for ops and players, just disable it everywhere on the server!

    HELP :(((
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    Wrong section, but remove/negate these permission nodes.
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    Wrong forum :oops:

    You could try negating the 2 permissions for the navigation tool for everyone - the permissions can be found at the wiki:
    • To use the navigation wand, the necessary permissions are worldedit.navigation.jumpto.tool and worldedit.navigation.thru.tool as opposed to the .command nodes.
    EDIT: Damn, ninja'd completely by Bart :'(
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    I mean disable the compass teleport for all players like disable it from the server!
  5. *insert facepalm here* removing the permission from the default group (that every other group inherits) will prevent everybody from using it ;)
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    just use !worldedit.navigation.thru

    in the default group.
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    You can't physically remove it (unless you modified the plugin's source, which would be way more trouble than it's worth), however you can just disallow all usage of it, as Sgt_Tailor explained :)

    Zarko That depends on the permission plugin :oops:
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    -_- I have a '*' permission, i am trying to disable it, not set perms.....
  9. mrgreen33gamer That depends on how WE has implemented a feature to disable certain features. You can look for that yourself in their javaDocs or maybe they have a comment about it in their config.yml. If none of the above work you can try to listen to the PlayerInteractEvent, check if the player is holding a compas and if so, cancel the event. The listener must be of the highest priority for this to work well.
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    Looked in the configs, you cant disable it....
  11. mrgreen33gamer
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    What do you mean disable???
    Every other poster has told you how to disallow others from using it. You can give all players a negated permission, or as Sgt_Tailor said, you can code a plugin that disables it. I don't understand what more you need.
  13. mrgreen33gamer You can not (Bold, Italic and Underline indicates frustration) edit a plugin as simple as that. You can check if they have a maven repository and delete the code yourself, but you would have to do that for every version of WE that comes out. An easier and perhaps better option would be to create a plugin that I described in my previous post.

    I am out of here *grabs jetpack and asks AoH_Ruthless if he is joining*
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    Did you mean to tag me at the beginning of your post or the OP?
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    mrgreen33gamer You could try making a teleport event and get the cause and check if a playerInteractEvent was called within 2 ticks and also check if a player is holding a compass. Then just cancel the teleport.
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    Negating the permissions is the easiest solution here.
    If you are using PermissionsEX make sure to add the negated nodes before the '*' permission in the list.
    - -worldedit.navigation.thru.tool
    - -worldedit.navigation.jumpto.tool
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    I want to make it were i can not use it, even though i have all perms in GroupManager: '*' + OP

    And if i tryed to re-code the plugin my self, isn't that a copy-right of the plugins WorldEdit........
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    do as CubieX said. Negate the permissions. you even can do it if you gave them ALL permissions

    Edit: I just see basicly EVERYONE told you already how to do it.,,,
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    Graham Mathis

    I have a very vanilla game going but I wanted WorldEdit just in case. I just changed the "wand-item" and "navigation-wand" both to -1, so the function is still there, but there is no item to actually use it. Easier than dealing with permissions in my opinion.
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    Why not just do
    /rg flag [region name here] compass deny
    , or, like Graham Mathis said, just set the "navigation-wand" setting to "-1". Making it
    navigation-wand: -1
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