world_the_end misleading spawn.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Mercury, Nov 29, 2011.

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    I have tried to delete "world_the_end" few times and generate new one. Everytime i go through Ender portal i am in the middle of nowhere (falling down and eventually dying) . I have to turn Creative mode on and fly many miles to find the floating island by using dynmap.

    Is there way to move the spawn? What if server is using specific seed every time for "world_the_end" and in conclusion i spawn many miles away from the actual island?
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    I think it's a bug in bukkit. The island is always at x:0 z:0 but the spawn location is somewhere else. :/
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    Which Bukkit build are you using?
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    Latest. #1529
    After i found island and went again through portal i was on island with obsidian ground.
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    Bukkit team is moving fast, #1531 is now the latest. I tested generating a new The End with it, and it went quite well.

    There was a weird bug though, after I slain the dragon and saw
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    , the overworld didn't generate back. I had to restart Minecraft to see the overworld normally again.
    When I re-entered the ender portal, I was spawned under the island on an obsidian platform.
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    Yeah the problem is when you slay dragon. You can see credits, then you skip them by pressing ESC and then you will continuously fall throw the world. After you reconnect to the server all your exp points are gone :(
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