"world_name/players" (delete?)

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by nTiger, Jan 12, 2013.

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    Hi, I need to block "player.dat" from being generated/made

    as it's useless on my server. Is there a way to block it or remove it ?

    After like 1K people it starts to take a bit of space %_%.
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    Easy doing (on linux):

    touch player.dat
    chmod 0444 player.dat
    chown root: player.dat

    (as root)

    Then the minecraft user couldnt change the file ;)
    On windows it is the same.
    But not chmod etc.
    There you must change the Security Settings and start the server with other user!
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    Bubelbub, player.dat isn't 1 file, it's a folder with each player's name with .dat. He'll need to set permission on the players folder.
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    Regardless, it's much easier to do so on a linux machine..

    What OS are you running the server on?
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    It's an linux debian,

    but wait a sec, does chests saves in to players/name.dat file ?
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    What do you mean by chests?
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    why dont you test it... it would take like 1 minute tops
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    Of course chests don't save in player dat files. Except maybe the ender chest.
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    I don't think there is a way to block the creation of the files... is there?

    Like stated above you can always delete it... But don't do it while that player is online.... however a plugin can check for offline players, and delete the files. (not sure how that would effect the server while the player is offline. Don't think anything weird would happen...)
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    When the player logs off, delete his file. Or on server start.

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