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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Gowixx, Jun 8, 2020.

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    Hi there Bukkit forums! I would like 2 plugins, one for a plugin that has /tpall, but it only tp's everyone with in the world that the perso executing the command is in. For example lets say im in the world named SMP, and there is another world named KitPvP, If I execute /tpall when I am in the SMP world, I want it to ONLY to everyone in SMP, no one from KitPvP or any other world.

    I would also like a World TAB plugin, I would like it to be customizable, like the original TAB plugin that you can find online, but the only difference I want is that when you hold down tab, you can only see the people in the world that you are in, not the whole server. So lets say aag is in a world called SMP and oop is in a world called SMP2 if I go to the world named SMP then I want to only see aag (and myself), not oop or anyone else.

    If its possible could you guys make a config? With like what to say in the tablist.

    I would like to see the following permissions: <nameofplugin>.reload to reload the config file.

    I would reccomend who ever would want to fill this request to make a fork of the plugin ( and ) since it would be much faster, and easier (in my opinion)
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    @Gowixx The spigot page you linked for the TAB plugin advertises per-world player lists as a feature. Why does the plugin need to be modified?
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    Machine Maker

    TAB is a pretty well maintained plugin. If for some reason the per-world features from it don't work, I would suggest seeking support in their discord server or looking through their wiki, both of which are listed on the plugin page.


    @Gowixx Here is the TPALL plugin.
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    @Gowixx If that TabList feature doesn't work on the TAB plugin, then you can just try using PerWorldTablist.
    If you are using EssentialsX for essentials utility commands and features, then you should have tried suggesting that /TPALL feature on the EssentialsX's github first (and if it doesn't get accepted, or you don't get a response within some days, you can go ahead requesting it here), it seems a cool feature for me, and it could have even helped much more people. Anyways you have already got a plugin for that on the responses..
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    Thank you so much! Sorry for the late response have been busy with irl stuff.
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