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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by RealEmpire, Apr 5, 2016.

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    Plugin category: World

    Suggested name: DestinySigns

    What I want: A plugin that shows how many players are in a world through signs like this: [​IMG]
    To make these signs you would get a sign and type this:
    annd it would make it into a sign like the picture I showed with online players, world-name and the &a&m-------
    at the top and bottom of the sign.

    Ideas for commands: None needed.

    Ideas for permissions: destinysigns.create (to create world signs)

    When I'd like it by: April 8th​

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    @RealEmpire So if the first number is the number of players in the world, what's the second number?
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    Make it <number of players in world>&7/&872
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    @RealEmpire I have nearly completed this. Will get it to you tomorrow. A few things though.
    To create the DestinySign Line 1 needs to be [DestinySign] and Line 2 has to be a valid world name.
    I have also made it so if you put a integer on Line 3 it will use that as the max players for that sign but if you leave line 3 blank on the sign it will use the default value specified in the config.yml.
    sign format can also be customized in the config.yml while supports colour codes.

    Just got to finish a few features off and then will get it to you tomorrow :)
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    Seems perfect, thanks.
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    @RealEmpire Okay completed.

    • destinysign.create (OP doesn't need this permission)
    • destinysign.reload (OP doesn't need this permission)
    • /destinysigns reload - Reloads the configuration and all the DestinySigns.
    How to use:
    Sign Format:
    Line 1: [DestinySign]
    Line 2: <WORLDNAME> - If the world doesn't exist the sign will break and be dropped on the ground and the user will be notified it is a invalid world.
    Line 3: <MAXPLAYERS> - If no integer is entered the sign will be created with the default max players settings specified in the config.yml. If line 3 has alphanumeric characters on the sign will break and be dropped on the ground and the user will be notified that line 3 must have a integer on.
    Line 4: Nothing. - If line 4 has something on but the rest of the lines are correctly entered the sign will still be created ignoring whats on line 4.​

    The signs update automatically on a range of events such as:
    • Player changing world
    • Player login
    • Player quit
    The plugin logs when signs are created and removed and by which player and the location of the created/removed sign. The plugin also logs when signs are reloaded and also shows the locations of the reloaded signs. The plugin detects when a DestinySign is removed and sends the player a message that the DestinySign has been removed. If you want me to make it so they need a permission to remove the DestinySign then either comment below or PM me. The config.yml does support Colorcodes so you can edit that how you wish. The signs.yml just stores the locations of DestinySigns for the plugin when loading and unloading so don't mess around with any of that. If there's any other features you want in the plugin again reply to the thread or PM me and i will get back to you ASAP. If you find any bugs then please tell me and i will try to fix them as fast as i can. They may be some bugs as i could only test it by myself so may need testing with multiple people in different worlds. :)


    There is one problem i know off. If the sign gets destroyed any other way than a player breaking the block, it won't register as the DestinySign has been removed, this will cause all sorts of issues but i'm guessing you are going to be placing these signs in a protected area of sort so it shouldn't matter as only someone with appropriate permission will be able to break it themselves. I do plan on trying to fix this but for now it should be fine.

    EDIT: forgot to add this is compiled for 1.8 and Java 7. If you need me to compile in a different version i will but check if it works anyway because in some cases it will.
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    Could you make it so that it teleports them to the world specified on the sign? <3
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    @RealEmpire Will do, will get it to you tomorrow, the plugin is working fine then i guess? tell me if you find any bugs.
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    It's all good! I just need the sign to tp you to the world :3
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