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    Plugin category: Server​
    Suggested name: world selector​
    What i Want: basically when you have a peace of paper that will be spawned in your hand when you join that will be named world selector but i want it were people can change the name of it in the config.What else? well i need it when you right click on the piece of paper it will give you a screen selection there will be minecraft items which you can change in the config you can name them in the config also like mine would be Survival Games then you can click on it then it will take you to the world you have picked. I will have a picture up of someting simmiler to this Note: when you are in spawn the player can not take it out of there invo!​
    Ideas for commands
    there will be no commands the piece of paper will spawn in there hand automatically
    When I'd like it by: When its Done!
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