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  1. Greetings everyone.

    What's the problem? When having a Minecraft server - as an owner you usally run into the problem of the world being exhausted of minerals or in general looking awful (especially around the spawn area). Due to this problem I have been looking for a plugin, which allows me to restore chunks affected by players. However I have been unable to find a plugin living up to the task, which is why, I am looking for someone, who is up for creating a tool, which may support not just me but a lot of server owners.

    My suggestion: I am suggesting a plugin, which allows owners on a command to teleport every single player in the world (offline or online) to the spawn, and every single ruined chunk in the world will afterwards be reset to it's original form (seed of the world could properly be used in order to do this). I can imagine that this proces will drain the server for it's CPU, so I suggest that the chunks are reset one by one (or by an amount set by in a config file). If this plugin sees the light of the day then I would properly use it in this way:
    1. Kick all players
    2. Turn on the whitelist, which will reject players, when they try to rejoin
    3. Start the plugin
      1. Let it reset the world over a night, when everyone is sleeping
    4. When it is completed, disable the whitelist.
    5. Players will be able to join again and play in a refreshed world
    What about player creations? I was hoping that this plugin could support Factions (link: The plugin should make a list of affected chunks in a log file (and use this for the regeneration part), when a player breaks or places a block in a chunk. BUT if the player is affecting a chunk in a faction zone, then the plugin should not log the coordination of the chunk - therefore not reseting chunks owned by players.

    What do you guys think? Is this possible? Is it a good idea? Please leave a comment :)

    HugDaBlock from Danish Bacon Minecraft
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    The plugin: 'Chunkster' can repair chunks.
  3. It seems to be an outdated plugin? And I assume that it targets every single chunk in the world - also resetting player owned chunks.
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    Hmmm I'm not sure I understand what you are asking for @DanishBaconMinecraft. Can you explain with more detail?
  5. I'm basicly looking for a plugin, which restores ALL chunks back into their original form (when the world was first created) expect for the chunks marked by Factions (owned by players). Does this help a bit - otherwise I'll rewrite the first post.
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    //regen from WorldEdit can revert arbitrary areas. There is a way to select the entire world, but I don't remember what it is.
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