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    I am looking for an area protection that will protect an area from the sky to the corestone without me having to dig all the way down to the core and then fly all the way up to define the area. This will help in protecting already built structures and towns plus give protection to new structures. What I am thinking is that you stand somewhere and use a command like /p100 where is protects from where you are standing in a radius of 100, it automatically places the sky limit to core blocks in the protected area.
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    You could use worldedit/worldguard using the up and down command to select the region instead of digging down.
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    I know, I was just thinking that a plugin that I could create a quick protection from the point I was standing above ground would make it a lot easier and quicker to do. With so many buildings being made on my server would be nice to go to the center of a town and quickly type /p100 and the radius of 100 from sky to core would be protected.
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    Hristo Mitev

    dude try this, select area, then do this //expand vert. thats makes it select all the blocks from bedrcok to sky. then just /region define [name] [owner1] [owner2] [etc.]
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    ok thanks

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