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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by BetaStream, Dec 24, 2011.

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    Bukkit users please help me :(
    Today I had a very big problem.... Somehow my world bugged and now waterflow doesnt work well and redstone mechanics too!I use multiworld and in other there is no problems... Could you tell me if there is a program or sth like that that can serch my world for errors and fix them or something like that :(
    Please help me thats my main world :( P.S.: Craftbukkit: latest dev-build....
    Edit: waterflow works but very slowly making the flow... and for the mech when I click on a button for ex. it stucks on on....:(
    Edit2: Every 30-35 minuts I get error read timed out and the players got kicked and the serer has to be restarted!

    Hey I need backup here :(

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    Try using Chunkster, it un-corrupts world files. It may not fix your problem but is worth a shot
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    Ohh thanks for the reply!!!
    I tried to fix it with this addon you said about but nothing changes just some missing regions(regenerated)... But in spawn for expample hen I put water it doesnt go down like it should... :( And for the redstone for ex. I click a button and it is getting stucked on position on...:( Help, please!
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    Any ideas?
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