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    I have 3 regions (Spawn, PvP, __global__). Now the claim for PvP is inside of the spawn claim and I'd like for PvP to be disabled at spawn. Now to do this I have to disable PvP globally which is not something I want to do. So my question is, is there anyway I can have the global region have PvP enabled, have spawn have PvP disable and have the PvP claim have PvP enabled.

    Inside of Inside of
    PvP Claim --------------------> Spawn Claim --------------------> __global___ Claim

    Thanks in advance
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    This is where I'm stuck, I am unsure in which order my priorities should be set
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    yeah i have the same thing with my prison warp i want to have the whole area with the prison region so they cant break blocks pvp blow stuff up etc then in the A mine B mine etc they cant pvp but they can break blocks then in the pvpmines they can pvp and break blocks so how can that be done
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