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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by RatedPforPwnage, Oct 2, 2012.

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    Hey Bukkit, I have been trying to World Guard my spawn on my server and whenever I do, I do /region info it says there's a region, deop myself, derank myself, but @ member I can still break blocks. Any help? I think its a plugin that's doing it. Heres my plugin list: World Guard, HawkEye, Last Login, Towny, Lockette, AutoAnnouncer, Timed Messages, Spam Guard, Vault, MineBackup, World Edit, multiworld, iConomy, AntiCheat, ChestShop, LeTime, Plugin Reloader, Travel Portals, Chat Manager, Minecraft RKit, Minecraft RKit Plugin, Essentials GEO IP, Essentials XMPP, Permissions Ex, Essentials Protect, AuthMe, Essentials Spawn, Essentials Chat, Citizens, Essentials, and Noob Response
    Any help would be great :D
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    after you create the region do this command: /region flag (regionname) build deny
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    If the above does not work try doing /mansave after deranking yourself to actually change in the config the fact that your rank is now member and not owner.
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    that only means you save the data to config... nothing else.
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    He knows..
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    iKiwic it changes nothing about the issue...
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    It's happened plenty of times to me, I'll rank someone on the server and they won't have the prefix by their name until I save it, If it isn't in the config, where is it? Groupmanager wasn't made to detect these things you know, thats why we have configs, It doesn't magically know you want an all op server or only one op.
    The word config means configuration, If you do not configure something, how do you expect it to change?

    Obviously this is to confirm that members are actually able to break the blocks he specified as a WorldGuard region, because if he does not confirm it how exactly is he going to know for sure that The problem is not right in his face? The bukkit help even tells you how to locate problems in plugins by taking all plugins out to confirm that if the problem resides in bukkit or minecraft, Same situation, different names, permissions and WorldGuard.
    You can't say the config is defunctional because the plugin is bound to the config to detect valid changes in order to change code to have different effects.
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    It actually does work.
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    while i dont know the mechanics behind it, what i do know is by default, when an ingame ranking command is done, it updates the prefix and rank automaticly. if it doesnt, it means theres some sort of a problem.
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    Well, He has Essentials, Thats important to know since there are a million other permissions plugins you can confuse this with. Essentials comes with GroupManager. I recently updated Essentials GroupManager and I still have to save in order to confirm the rank. There is no catch to it. You could be confusing this with PEX, bPermissions, etc.
    Regardless, It doesn't hurt to try. Debugging can be a huge pain sometimes especially if you don't know what the source is.
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    no, im not confusing this with PEX or Bpermissions. GM updates prefix/suffix/permissions automaticly upon /manuadd. if it doesnt for you, the problem is on your side, not mine.
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    The first answer solved... LOL. No more need for arguing lol...

    Thanks :D

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    no problem

    lol i have to laugh because everyone is arguin for a while when the whole time the first answer was right and it was the simplest answer there

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    I've got a question about worldguard. In my spawn region, I want all users EXCEPT guests to be allowed to exit. I have been told various different fixes, and none of them have worked so far :(. I was told to add all my other groups as members of the region except guests, then to use /rg f spawn exit deny, which was working, but all other ppl were getting frozen when they warped outside of the spawn region (either via warps, /home).

    I was told to try /rg f spawn exit -g member, and that has not worked.

    lastly, i was told to add a node group.spawnexit to each group (via groupmanager) (was told spawnexit could be anything), then use /rg f spawn exit -g spawnexit, but got the message "unknown value 'spawnexit' in"

    I have been trying to figure this one out all week :/

    Please help before I bash my head through my monitor.
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