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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by aquaprofile, Dec 24, 2013.

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    I am pretty experienced with world guard/world edit but
    I am making a rectangle region for a mine that auto supplies itself every 25 minutes. I dont want people to be able to dig in the room it is in but i want people to be able to mine the ore mine that is in it. There is no way to tdo this without putting a region around the mine with the usernames as members and a high priority set to the region. the problem with that is there is people joining the game and I dont wanna have to add them manually when a new guy wants to mine ); What do i do?! I tried making a command block with a pressure plate execute the command: /region addmember <mine's region name> @p and it wouldnt add the player who stepped on it to the region's builder list D:

    I tried stepping on it as an OP and then going to deop to see if i was added to the list- I wasnt.

    So if anyone could help me with this it would be much appreciated.

    -Happy Holidays!
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    aquaprofile You could try using a plugin such as VariableTriggers that allows you to have the player run the command as normal, op, or run the command from console by the use of button(s), pressure plate(s), and several other options.
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    What do you mean?
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    I tried this and it is still the same problem, I got it to run a command when they entered the area using VariableTriggers and I still cant make it automated. I can only select one username.. i cant make it whoever enters is automatically added to member, which is what i need accomplished ):

    that was a typo. I fixed it though.
  5. put the mine in a bedrock box and inside the box make a region of which they can build in.
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    Do you use any type of permission plugin?
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    Btw it is not possible to make a region they can build in :p
    or else i would have done that >: ( you can make them member or owner so they can build but if there was a way to enable building inside a set region without members i would have already done it and this thread would be non-existant
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    you can make a region and set build allow, if u want a specific group to build add the group as members?
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    Lemme see if this will work *biting nails*

    Hey tree. Your link led me to the solution ^-^ Thank you.
    I was too much of a moron to add the Group
    using /region addmember oremine g:<groupname>

    I thought i read somewhere that you couldn't add groups from groupmanager to that.. guess I can.


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