[World Guard] Block nether portals with build: true

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Iroh, Aug 12, 2013.

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    Hey everyone,
    I am trying to block nether portals in a region where build is set to true. Unfortunetely the build flag overrides all other region checks. Any ideas on how to block the creation of nether portals in a build: true area? I tried lighter: deny but build overrides it. Thanks,
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    Maybe deny 'use'?
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    I can try but that has to do with pressure plates and buttons.
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    Iroh - Why are you using the build flag? You don't need to it auto includes build permissions, so if you define a new region just add the lighter deny and don't touch build. That should work fine.
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    But maybe he still wants to add players to the area, and allow them to do others things, but not build. (?)
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    It is a prison mine withing another region. Build is set to allow so people can only build/break in the mine. Build: allow seems to be overruling lighter: deny.
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    xDeeKay Iroh - He says build is true. So I'm assuming members can build. If he's trying to make plots where they can't build netherportals but can build and can't build elsewhere, you can use build none in the global region and then set plot or region priority higher than global and deny lighters. That should work.

    Yeah, you've probably set up your regions in an un-optimized way. Nest your regions correctly, and add your players as members to that innermost region (the mine). Then set the lighter 'deny' flag for that innermost region. Voila!

    By nesting, I mean use parent/child. You could also use priority, but I find the parent/child relationship to be easier to manage and it seems to be more efficient and clean.

    An example, would be, you have the whole spawn area with lots of things in it called lets say 'Spawn'. Within that you have a smaller region that's for donors and lets name that 'Donor'. Within that you have another region for the mine, called, lets say 'Mine'.

    So you'd setparent donor spawn; Then setparent mine donor; Then add donor players to mine region and setflag lighter deny for that region. That should work well. The build flag should not be touched for any of those regions, btw.

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    The mine needs to have build: true to all everyone to build (non-members too!!!) and that flag is overriding lighter: deny.
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    Iroh - Add a group as member.
    /rg addmember mine g:donor
    Then add the permissions node group.donor to donor groups. Voila. All people allowed to break blocks in the mine should be members of the region.

    Then get rid of your dumb build:true flag, and set lighter:deny and you should be good to go. No offense :p
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    Ah ok that should work. One thing though. Donor isn't a group. They just get the permissions to warp to the donor area. So I would just need to add all groups to the region.
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    Iroh - It was an example the name you define with g:<name> should be passed to those who are to be members with the permission node 'group.<name>'.

    Make sense? You can have multiple groups get that node or even on a user to user basis (say as a voter perk for 24hrs or something).
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    I figured it out. Now I added all groups as members (so I don't need the build flag allowing lighter: false to work).
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    Iroh - Yay!

    Moral of the story: Dont' touch the build flag. :p
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