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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Mr. X, Jun 17, 2012.

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    Mr. X

    i want to use World Edit selctions in my Plugin. But i can't find any informations how.
    Did anyone know how i can get the selction type, the selction corners and how to set the selction?
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    I think on the worldedit github you can find sk89q's source code.
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    I use WorldEdit's API and WorldGuard's API for custom protections.
    Here is an example on what I do to create protected regions in some of my plugins:

    public static void addProtectedRegion(Player player, World world, int x, int y, int z, int radius, int delay, Map flags)
        // get the region manager
        RegionManager rm = worldGuard.getRegionManager(world);
        // make a cuboid with two points to create a 3d cube in the world
        BlockVector b1 = new BlockVector(x + radius + 1, y + radius + 1, z + radius + 1);
        BlockVector b2 = new BlockVector(x - radius - 1, y - radius - 1, z - radius - 1);
        // create the protected region
        ProtectedCuboidRegion pr = new ProtectedCuboidRegion(/* fill in a name here */, b1, b2);
        DefaultDomain dd = new DefaultDomain();
        // add the player to the region
        // set the player as the owner
        // set the flags
        if (flags == null)
            flags = new HashMap();
            flags.put(DefaultFlag.BUILD, State.DENY);
            flags.put(DefaultFlag.CREEPER_EXPLOSIONS, State.DENY);
            //    put more flag definitions here
        catch (Exception exp)
        { }
    And to get the "worldGuard" object, I use this method in my plugin:
    public static WorldGuardPlugin getWorldGuard(JavaPlugin plugin)
        Plugin wPlugin = plugin.getServer().getPluginManager().getPlugin("WorldGuard");
        if ((wPlugin == null) || (!(wPlugin instanceof WorldGuardPlugin)))
            return null;
        return (WorldGuardPlugin) wPlugin;
    Also, make sure you use imports similar to these:
    The code I posted is just an example, and somewhat specific to my uses. I hope this gets you started using thes APIs. :)
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    instead of plugin.getServer(), ytou can do Bukkit.getServer(), saves you an argument
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    Ah I see. This will help in future plugins I write. Thanks! :)
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    Mr. X

    Thanks, but how can i do this without World Guard?
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    CeramicTitan Retired Staff

    Why would you need to get the plugin onEnable(), couldn't you just add it as an external jar?
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    If I recall correctly, WorldEdit/Guard needs to be loaded as a plugin in order to make use of the API.
    Someone correct me if I'm wrong - it has been a while since I used WorldEdit/Guard.
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     RegionManager rm = WorldGuardPlugin.getRegionManager(world);
    That line shows errors! It says "The method getRegionManager(World) in the type WorldGuardPlugin is not applicable for the arguments (World)"
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    It means that you must use variable "world" with type "World".
    World world = player.getWorld();
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