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    I searched around the Web for a while for a Tool or Plugin wich creates a whole world with the MineCraft worldGenerator.

    I wanted to Start my Server with a Fully Generated world with a Radius of 3000X3000 Blocks.

    Maybe someone can Help me there, or knows a Plugin wich can to that.
    It would be Also Great if the Plugin can do a Netherworld like that too.
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    Search the minecraft forum for "Map Generator". I've found some pretty cool ones ranging from floating island generators, desert generators, normal generators and even planet generators.
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    Well, thanks thought the one i Found via Google in the MineCraft Forum was the Only one there.

    For everyone who has the Same Problem as i did:
    I used MineCraft Land Generator. It took around 8 Hours for a World 6000X6000 Blocks, but i think it did a fairly good Job because it Uses the MineCraft map Generator.

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