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    I have been looking for a plugin that could do as followed:

    Be able to have a configurable list of worlds that have there own chat.
    I have two survival worlds, a creative world, and a pvp world on my server, I would like only pvp to have its own chat.

    Also a permission that could be given to allow certain players to see all the chat.
    (Admins and such)

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    Are you talking about a "chat channel" plugin? The commands for some of them that I know of are:
    /ch town
    /ch local
    /ch supporter
    /ch staff

    That might be the kind of plugin you are looking for. You can probably customize the channels to certain places, and change their names and such. If so, there's tons of those circulating around.
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    Not really, I'm looking for a plugin that restricts configurable world(s) chat to that world, with a permission to allow you to see all the chat.
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    lol whit essentials you can set a chat radius. Try set it like 1000000 block, so only player in your world will understand what you say. Because no1s will go over 1000000 block aways from spawn.

    and you can also enable chatspy which allow you to see all the chat and the private message.
    It's useful

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    I have been using socialspy for a long time, but using the spawn radius won't separate the other worlds chat will it?
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    yea it will, i'm using it on my own server and it work perfectly, just be careful of fixing the chat radius high, so player will still understand even if they're over 1000 block away from spawn.
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    Setting the chat radius to 1000000 is not advisable because it means that essentials is checking for all the players near that player in 1000000 blocks radius, this could cause insane amounts of lag on a server with lots of people... I would advise against this :)

    If i get the time i will take a look at making a plugin for this if i can't find one that does it already.


    Zack Pollard

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