Solved [world] Before usernames, Multiverse not installed.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Tr3vor, Dec 3, 2012.

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    Nevermind I figured it out.

    I've been working with Bukkit servers and plugins for quite awhile now. I don't believe I've ever encountered a problem with [world] [Member] displaying before usernames in chat before, without Multiverse being installed. I've tried to figure it out but I may have easily overlooked something, so if you could help it would be greatly appreciated. [Member] should not even be displaying as I don't have that set as the prefix.

    What it looks like:
    But it doesn't do it with other groups.. or not Owner at least.

    Installed Plugins:

    Permissions File: (If you're wondering why I have Towny perms entered without having Towny installed, I was going to use that plugin but decided against it and have yet to remove the nodes.)
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    Show Spoiler

    [S]  Member:[/S]
    [S]    default: true[/S]
    [S]    permissions:[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.spawn[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.home[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.sethome[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.rules[/S]
    [S]    -[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.msg[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.tell[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.kick.notify[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.ban.notify[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.kits.Starter[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.balance[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.balance.others[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.ignore[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.motd[/S]
    [S]    -[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.warp[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.warp.list[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.warps.*[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.signs.use.*[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.helpop[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.list[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.tpa[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.tpaccept[/S]
    [S]    -[/S]
    [S]    -[/S]
    [S]    - mcmmo.skills.*[/S]
    [S]    - mcmmo.ability.mining[/S]
    [S]    - mcmmo.ability.axes[/S]
    [S]    - mcmmo.ability.excavation[/S]
    [S]    - mcmmo.ability.swords[/S]
    [S]    - mcmmo.ability.unarmed[/S]
    [S]    - simpleregionmarket.signs.use.*[/S]
    [S]    - towny.wild.*[/S]
    [S]    - towny.command.plot.claim[/S]
    [S]    - towny.command.plot.unclaim[/S]
    [S]    - towny.command.plot.notforsale[/S]
    [S]    -[/S]
    [S]    - towny.command.plot.toggle.*[/S]
    [S]    - towny.command.resident.list[/S]
    [S]    -[/S]
    [S]    -*[/S]
    [S]    -*[/S]
    [S]    - towny.command.nation.*[/S]
    [S]    prefix: '&f'[/S]
    [S]  Moderator:[/S]
    [S]    default: false[/S]
    [S]    inheritance:[/S]
    [S]    - Member[/S]
    [S]    permissions:[/S]
    [S]    -[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.gamemode[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.tempban[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.kick[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.mute[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.teleport.timer.bypass[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.jump[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.home.others[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.back[/S]
    [S]    -[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.time[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.unban[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.unbanip[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.socialspy[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.invsee[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.list.hidden[/S]
    [S]    -[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.ext[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.msg.color[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.msg.url[/S]
    [S]    - freeze.*[/S]
    [S]    - worldguard.*[/S]
    [S]    - ChestShop.mod[/S]
    [S]    - simpleregionmarket.*[/S]
    [S]    - towny.admin[/S]
    [S]    prefix: '&0[&3M&0]&b'[/S]
    [S]  Admin:[/S]
    [S]    default: false[/S]
    [S]    inheritance:[/S]
    [S]    - Moderator[/S]
    [S]    permissions:[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.god[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.hat[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.ptime[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.afk[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.afk.kickexempt[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.helpop.receive[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.invsee.modify[/S]
    [S]    - essentails.seen[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.seen.banreason[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.suicide[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.ban[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.ban.exempt[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.ban.offline[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.banip[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.clearinventory[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.enderchest[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.enderchest.modify[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.enderchest.others[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.kick.exempt[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.kill[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.kill.force[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.mute.exempt[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.setwarp[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.delwarp[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.tphere[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.tpo[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.teleport.hidden[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.tppos[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.tptoggle[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.joinfullserver[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.signs.create.*[/S]
    [S]    - ChestShop.admin[/S]
    [S]    -[/S]
    [S]    - vanish.standard[/S]
    [S]    - worldedit.*[/S]
    [S]    - weatherman.*[/S]
    [S]    - voxelsniper.sniper[/S]
    [S]    prefix: '&0[&4A&0]&c'[/S]
    [S]  Owner:[/S]
    [S]    default: false[/S]
    [S]    inheritance:[/S]
    [S]    - Admin[/S]
    [S]    permissions:[/S]
    [S]    - permissions.*[/S]
    [S]    - essentials.*[/S]
    [S]    prefix: '&6Owner&0]&4'
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