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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by MrBobblyBooks, Feb 21, 2021.

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    Minecraft version: 1.12.2

    Suggested name: WorldAnchor

    What I want: A plugin that gives a block/item (probably a custom skull that looks like the earth), that when placed, keeps a chunk loaded (16x16 area) where it is placed. This means, spawners or farms would continue to spawn/grow, even when a player is not in the area.

    When right clicked, the block could highlight the chunk area with particles of the area that the world anchor is loading. (not necessary) and when shift left clicked, it will be returned to the inventory

    Ideas for commands: /worldanchor {player} {amount}

    Ideas for permissions: worldanchor.give

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible :)
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    1.12.2 is pretty old, it might be hard to find someone to do it. I would recommend to change versions to something more recent unless you rely need to be in 1.12.2.
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    yeah im aware ;( i believe in 1.13, there was the addition of the keep-chunk-loaded variable or something which would make it LOADS easier, but unfortunately I do need this in 1.12 :(
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    Dunno what's so hard about changing the version of the plugin. They don't change the whole minecraft server and bukkit API after every update.

    Anyways, this is the plugin. I also implemented the permission worldanchor.break to prevent players from breaking other peoples anchors (or any anchors if they do not have their own)
    Don't know about spawners. I think they still need a player to work, not just a loaded chunk. If they don't work, tell me and I will see, if it's possible to simulate a player at this chunk (probably but don't know)
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    The problem is usually not with the difficulty of programming in those versions, personally, I have much less incentive to make a plugin if it is not going to be downloaded by others, not just the person requesting the plugin. People are much more likely to download the plugin if it's on a newer version of Minecraft than a version that's been outdated for years now.

    To keep on topic though, spawners by default, do require a player, so either spawn a fake player or use something along the lines of CreatureSpawner#setRequiredPlayerRange() to set the value to some ridiculous number, though this would still require an online player to function.

    There are things to consider though, when the mobs leave the 'distance' of a player they will despawn anyway, rendering the active spawner useless, and even if they do stay spawned you run into problems when the spawner is endlessly spawning entities and lagging out the server. This is something for @MrBobblyBooks to consider.
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    thank you so much! im gonna try out the plugin today and Ill let you know :)

    Okay so I uploaded the plugin on to my server today and theres a few things I hope you will be able to do for me :)
    no1) you mentioned about the mob spawners possibly not spawning, and you were correct. im using the plugin WildStacker aswell, not sure if that affects anything, but the main reason I wanted this plugin was for the spawners ahah
    no2) would it be possible to make the world anchor only enable when the player is on their island? (im using the plugin ASkyBlock with distance of 800 between each island) - the maximum radius of the island is 200 blocks
    no3) not quite sure how the picking up works? i mined it with my fist and the skull went in to my hand but it lost its lore, so im assuming it lost the world anchor "effects"?
    no4) finally, i noticed in config.yml, it lists all the placed anchors or something like that. is it possible to have the list go into a worldstackerlist.yml or something and make a config.yml where I can change the lore and item name? (compatible with & colour codes)?

    If this is all possible, ill be eternally grateful <33 tysm

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    1) I will see, what I can find about fake players and will try to implement it
    2) ASkyblock actually has an API with IslandJoin and Leave event so yea, that should be easy
    3) umm, maybe and just maybe I forgot the pickup mechanic. Next update
    4) Sure
    I'll let you know, when I'm done
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    Thank you!!
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    Hey! Sry that I needed so much time. My VR Headset
    1. Maybe done
    2. Done
    3. Done
    4. Done but no need for ColorCodes if you don't want to change it ingame. Just use § instead of &
    Link is the same
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    Its fine, im in no rush really! There is one issue though :eek:
    I loaded the plugin on the FTP, and when I restarted the server it isnt appearing on /pl or /plugman list,.
    When I do /plugman load WorldAnchor, "an internal error occured" and when I try /worldanchor MrBobblyBooks 1, "unknown command"
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    What does the console show when it says "an internal error occured"?
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    Oh yeh I should have checked that ‍♂️ I'm away from my PC now until Friday, can I add your discord so we can keep in touch?
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