Working bukkit build?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Jason555555, Feb 21, 2011.

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    Does anyone have a craftbukkit build that works with

    - worldguard
    - worldedit
    - essentials
    - permissions
    - mcmmo
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    Try this build. It is the latest recommended build. Plugin devs are encouraged to provide support for recommended builds at least.
  3. does not work and it contains spam

    console spam to be exact, and why did the # change ?
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    What console spam are you referring to? This?
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    Read the post, its not breaking anything. Plugin devs need to update. Eventually those messages will go away.
  6. Ok but it broke Voxelsniper and Tiredman for me and probable more.

    so i downloaded and older version from an user, cant we get access to the older builds officially ?

    allmost all users that upgraded need this.
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    404 and 405 works with

    all except mcmmo on your list.
    Get the "beta" builds and tests the plugin devs release on their sites.. ;)

    Lets call it a plugin developer test,
    now you can see who updates their plugins while in developing stages of craftbukkit :D
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