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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by TheOfficialSpinyGames, Sep 3, 2018.

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  1. What is it

    Players with the permission warp.create and warp.use can create warps, but they need to pay x amount of money (vault) to do that! (configurable)

    If they warp, they get a message
    If they create a warp, they get a message (Both Configurable)

    Version: Bukkit/Spigot 1.13.1

    Thats it! Very simple, huh?

    edit: answer on @timtower 's question

    /warp (warp) --> usage

    All the warps are PUBLIC

    (You could set the warp to private with ./warp private (warpname) (Perms --> warp.private.set)
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  3. @timtower

    /warp (warp) --> usage

    All the warps are PUBLIC

    (You could set the warp to private with ./warp private (warpname) (Perms --> warp.private.set)
  4. Anyone? (I have perms to bump, last time was yesterday)
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    Isnt this already an option within essentials? Where you can set a price for a warp and then people bypass that if they have a perm.

    I would create a fresh plugin for you, except my own warping system isnt working! I can create a spawn one but warps are apparently different lol.
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  6. It maybe is, but i dont like to use essentials
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    @TheOfficialSpinyGames I might try to do this, first i'll need a little information.

    1. Command to set warp.
    2. Command to teleport to a warp, for this i just gotta make sure you want '/warp' as the command.
    3. Command to remove warp.

    1. Permission to set a warp. (I think you wanted 'warp.create' as the permission, correct?)
    2. Permission to teleport to a warp. (For this you wanted warp.use, right?)
    3. Permission to remove a warp.

    You want /warp private <warp> to set it private, right? What exactly is the difference between public and private?
    Do you want the players to only pay when teleporting to a warp or making one aswell? Do you also want them to pay for removing a warp?

    That's all the information i can think of right now.
  8. /setwarp
    /warp (warpname)
    /delwarp (warpname if its ur own warp, otherwise u need perm: warp.delete.others)

    Public --> Everyone can warp to it

    Private --> Only the owner can warp to it, he can do ./warp addfriend (warpname) (player) so the player can also warp to that warp.

    And yet with the same 3 seconds waittime as ATS, and it must overwrite essentialswarps. (Maybe u can include it in the ATS plugin?)

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    @TheOfficialSpinyGames Okay so what you want is this:

    1. /setwarp <Name> - (Permission) warp.create
    2. /warp <WarpName/Private/Public/AddFriend/RemoveFriend> (Warp) (Player) - (Permission) warp.use
    3. /delwarp <WarpName> - (Permission) warp.delete - (For others) warp.delete.others

    If a warp is set to public everyone can use it and if it's private it's only you and the people you've added as a friend to that warp.
    Before being teleported to the warp you must wait some seconds specified in the config.yml (3 seconds by default) and if you move it will cancel.

    Now 2 questions:
    1. How many warps are players able to set?
    2. Should they pay to set a warp aswell as teleport to it?
  10. 1. Thats per permission: limit.warps.10 = 10 warps and limit.warps.* is unlimited warps
    YES the price is configurable
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    Okay i'll try this, can't promise anything tho. :7
    Quick question, how would it work if a player tries to set a warp with a name that another player already has set?
    Player1 uses /setwarp warp1
    Player2 uses /setwarp warp1

    How would this work because as i understand it you can warp to eachother's warps (if you are added as a friend) so this wouldn't really work, right?
  12. No that won't work and will give a message to the player that it will not work. (Maybe Look at essentialsx warps but with money and 3 seconds waittime on it? Thats just what i want :p)
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    From what i know EssentialsX warps are quite different from what you described. (unless i misunderstood something)
    Now you kinda lost me. :/
  14. Just this:
    /setwarp -> set a warp somewhere for 15 points
    /warp -> Warp to a warp for 5 points with a wait time
    /delwarp -> Delete a warp, no refund!
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    Please post your full server log using http://pastebin.com
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    I think i fixed it, try this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3q74b6h8yxaep9y/WOM.jar?dl=0
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    Don't back edit, I will never see that.
    And you can download the logs... Or copy paste from the console.
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