Wolfs: If you dont own it, you cant hurt it.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by prom3th3an, Apr 5, 2011.

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    Atm People quite frequently kill wolfs they dont own and its annoying as shit. Can someone code a plugin that prevents other people harming wolves they dont own and also (as a cvar) make it so they dont take fall damage.
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    If your damn wolves didn't push me off ledges and into lava or step in front of my fist, maybe I wouldn't kill them. ;) Making wolves unable to push you would be a nice addition to this. Wolves are just retarded.
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    Yeah, agreed
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    i was working on this a few days ago... unfortunately, wolves are messed up in bukkit right now :'(
    started with getting the wolves to not attack players, but when testing on an animal got this:
    wolf = CraftWolf[anger=false,owner=CraftPig]
    target = null
    (and onEntityTarget gets called > 100 times after the targeted entity has been killed)
    so right now, there's no way to get or set the owner (and the targeting is wrong)

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