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    Plugin category: Anti-Griefing I'd assume
    Suggested Name: WolfGuard
    What I'd like: Briefly, a plugin that does two things, both about wolves (ocelots could also be included, but not necessarily):
    1. Makes it impossible for players to hit other players' wolves. A lot of people come on my server, break into a house or two and kill the person's wolf.
    2. Makes tamed hostile wolves not despawn. If a wolf becomes aggressive to somebody (if the person hit either the wolf or the wolf's owner), I've realised the wolf despawns when chunk unloads just like hostile mobs.
    Ideas for commands: none
    Ideas for permissions: wolfguard.canhit - players can hit other players' wolves. Default to nobody.
    When I'd like it by: Although I'd like it as soon as possible, I understand writing plugins takes time and I'm willing to wait a while.
    If anybody would be willing to make this (assuming both features are possible), thank you :)
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    What about invincible animals?
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    First part basically done
    [addition] If you cancel the damaging, they won't get mad, so I currently see no use in adding the saving part (the cancellation of despawning)
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    feildmaster Retired Staff

    Yes, possible.

    Tames monsters don't despawn...? (Or they aren't supposed to)
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