With Negativity Comes Sunshine, Respect for the Team

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by jamescosten, Apr 19, 2011.

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    That is why when I first d/l a new version, I exit the client and make a backup of the bin folder. If I screw up a texture pack, I can recover. if I need to go back to an older version, I have it available. Saves a lot of stress that way :)
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    Yeah but im not as clever as you :p
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    I've accomplished a lot!

    -Built a nice house with well and bathroom
    -Built a big 36x40 greenhouse
    -Built a furnace room as well as a storage shed
    -Tamed 12-14 wolves
    -Have found 27 diamonds, and over 100+ iron and 200+ coal and 50+ gold
    -Took 3 trips to the Nether, accumulated lots of Soulsand Netherrack and Glowstone
    -Built a castle in said Nether realm


    I can't help but miss my Bukkit server though. :eek:
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    I know how you feel, i miss the simple mods, like Blacksmith :( or elevator (i hate stairs)
    Ive also accomplished alot :) also tried my hand at redstone complex circuits for first time so not wasted time i guess
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