With Negativity Comes Sunshine, Respect for the Team

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by jamescosten, Apr 19, 2011.

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    With all the negativity floating around this forum and with people not realising that these fine people coding for us, are actually working hard. They volunteer their time for free, they created and maintain a service for no recognition. But now i want to show my thanks, i dont care when the update comes, i just want it to work when they do , so take your time guys.

    If you feel as i do then please click the donate button. I may not be able to donate a lot but anything is better than nothing. Just think next time you buy a pint of milk that could of been spent on a developers starving kids Coco Pops.

    Respect and Admirations to the Team.

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    i agree this would be a good time to donate ill do it when i get back from work im late......... :p
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    Very very very true. They are doing an awesome job. /wet kiss
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    i bet adding the new items and rain and stuff to the server takes alot more time then just the single wolf in 1.4 so it probably will take alot longer... i just run a vanilla server with my friends until there is an update we have quite some fun there untill bukkit comes back :D
    so to the bukkit team : relax and work on so we can have a stable build.. dont hurry to much so we wont have to much bugs! and i hope you can release it soon :D! greeting brandonvd. (to bad i dont have credit card or anything else i would have donated :/)
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    Funniest thing is -is if they wanted to they could, and just end it, like hey0 when he stopped enjoying minecraft.
    They do -do- these codings for free, and yes greedy people out there should look and understand that they do this on their own time, with not much money (exception of donations).
    The thing is, they probably love coding Bukkit, otherwise they wouldn't have created the project.

    I administer a server, Stargaze. Its a free server with premium membership for those wanting more. Even with the 'premium' side, I don't earn enough money through it to pay the server, so I end up paying some of it.
    Why keep the server up?
    I love what I do, administer a server, set up things, answer inquiries, work a website, etc. It's fun, and if its fun, its like paying for a monthly subscription for a game. So i'll keep paying a little of it, and enjoy what I do.

    That being said, let them do their work, their own pace. Shame on the players who update to 1.5, because you should know by now, since 1.3, that when minecraft wants to update, you should look it up first, to make sure its not a server breaker.
    I don't see how Minecraft automatically updates for some people, but anytime you see the update now click yes or not now, just stop what your doing and search what was updated. It's pretty simple.
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    That only applies to people on the new launchers.
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    Its people like you that love the game that make it so popular, kudo's to you.

    I unfortunately had the old launcher and so it updated automatically. Im not annoyed at this i just know that i have to be patient, something a few people here lack i feel.
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    I love the work this guys put into this and if i would have an credit card i would totally donate but i love all work they put into this and don't care how long a update takes aslong it comes out so even if it would have took a year i would still be happy since if it takes that long it's probaly something awesome they working on or they got an well deserved break Sincerely Demacish
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    I have learned something new. Thanks.
    I figured perhaps if they updated to 1.4 that the new launcher comes with it, but it appears not.
    Kind of silly, who would make a nice launcher then not launch it automatically? I mean sure, I guess you could have both ways instant update or choose, but in this situation, just a choose to update launcher would work wonders.

    I didn't update yet. I actually don't mind that MC 1.5 is out, because my other server is currently offline for upgrades, so I'll wait :p
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    Yes, you're totally right! :)

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    Cmon people, show these guys some love!

    There are "ways" to downgrade you know?

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    Yeah i know, but this time i have free is actually quite good, i have once again ventured out into the world.

    It hurt at first, my eyes had to adjust, and after a few failed attempts at punching a tree i began to enjoy the sunshine :) thanks anyway though SirHedgehog
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    Be sure to dig a hole before nightfall.
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    Damn B & Q are out of Diamond Pickaxes......iron will have to do.
    ......digs hole......
    Gets knackered after about 2cm's this is nothing like in game :p
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    You just completed your payment.Your transaction ID for this payment is: 5RA818950G556825P.

    Come on lets not let this thread die put your hands in pockets and show we are greatfull.

    .ps im quite glad they are not rushing this update :)
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    Thats the spirit, ok is it against the rules if i wrote DONATE NOW in caps on every forum page??

    Im sure they wouldnt mind.
    Common guys even a small ammount or even a thank you on this thread, Spread the word.
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    Am I too late for the party?
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    Never too late mate welcome
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    Hopefully I'm not late either!

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    Common Guys Donation drive, put this link on every forum post :)
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    I agree, I've been running a gaming community for the last three and a half years now with multiple game servers and a website all paid for out of my own pocket. I don't grudge the money though, not one bit because I love it. I love seeing the people I've gotten to know over the years and play with them and helping out with problems etc. It may take a lot of time to keep on top of, but it's fun, never boring. :)

    That said, I know it's nice to be appreciated:
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    I think people just need to bug Notch and get him to hire a few of these mod developers. He has the money now to do it.....

    Honestly, I'm about ready to just tell people to play with no mods on our server for another year until it is (hopefully by then) not breaking every 2 weeks. I would almost rather Notch just break Bukkit for good and all modding, so at least we would have something stable. (I know, I would miss some of the mods, but tired of getting used to mods, then having them break over and over)
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    The problem is that Notch obfuscates the server code with every release, and sometimes the method signatures change, or the method names change with a release.

    I don't know why he bothers. He obfuscates it, people decompile and eventually de-obfuscate it. If someone wants to "steal" the SMP code, they can do it today, the obfuscation would barely slow them down.

    All that notches obfuscation does is make it orders of magnitude harder for modding teams like bukkit to release a compatible server.

    So, don't blame the Bukkit devs, blame Notch for his pointless obfuscation policy.
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    You can do it:)
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    [​IMG] Chris, you just completed your payment.
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    :) Thanks for starting this thread.
    Bukkit team, you guys rock!
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    Keep up the good work fellas, take your time. I will be making donations as well. As for the impatient people make there asses wait and do some hardcore survival like I have.
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    What I've been doing as well. It's actually refreshing playing some plain vanilla, killing creepers and making TNT, rather than straight-up building with mods in Bukkit. :)
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    Lord Chaos

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    Hello XXXXX,

    You sent a payment of $50.00 USD to Warren Loo

    (who's Warren Loo?)
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    Keep it up guys well done :)

    Im going to do a post later of all donaters to show some love to them aswell.
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    Warren Loo = EvilSeph
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    Lord Chaos

    Ok, well there you go EvilSeph :) Go go go Bukkit.
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