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    Category: Fun/Role-Play

    Suggested Name: MoreTraders

    What It Does: I run an adventure map server, and wanted to extend the role-play a bit. Basically, I'd like this plugin to add the ability to trade with witches (and possibly other mobs). You can set up the custom trade, after using a command to spawn the mob you want to make a trader, by right sneaking and right clicking the entity. Much like the plugin Shopkeepers, but with more mobs than just villagers. After a trade is set up, a player can right click that mob and the trading GUI comes up displaying the custom trade. Those traders are not killable, and do not move from the spot they were created. Please let me know if this is even possible, as it would make for a great, fun plugin!

    /trader create <mob> - Creates a trader at your location
    /trader remove (right click trader) - Removes specified trader


    Thanks to all who read :)
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    I'm pretty sure I could do this, give me a little bit...
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    That would be great! Or, could you possibly make it an extension of Shopkeepers, as I really like their format and it would probably save you a bit of time.
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    Sorry, I started coding it and then thinking that I don't have any idea how I would do a certain part of it that would be crucial to making the plugin work. I think that if you used the shopkeepers ticket system and reported an enhancement, they would probably code it.
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    Is anyone interested in doing this?
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    Which part?
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    there is no way on how in bukkit it can bring out a gui it self it can just done by making it chatrelated with commands, if it is ok for you i do it that way

    or do you want it like ShopKeepers GUI with the chest GUI?
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    Assigning an inventory to every witch. I know there's a way to do it, I've just never tried it before.
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    Why would you want to trade with an entity that wants to kill you :p
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    ZeusAllMighty11 Retired Staff

    You could create and store the inventories in HashM maps with the UUID of the mob and the inventory :D
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    Whatever :p I dunno how to do that =/
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    Is anyone still interested in doing this?
    I ran it by the devs of Shopkeepers, and they never responded...
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    I don't know how I didn't realize that! Thanks so much!
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    you can always try making a custom texturepack and changing the Villager texture for Witches one. and other mobs. It's a easy way to do it, but making a plugins for that would be better

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