Wirelless Randomized Hopper

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    Plugin Idea: "Wirelless Randomized Hopper"


    The essence of the plugin is that there is a large chest that can continue to deliver content like a hopper to a few boxes that can be anywhere and anywhere in the world. Forwarding is one way. If you send an item further, an empty space is created that can be loaded with a hopper placed above it.

    Like this:
    But wait a minit.... What is it good for?

    Dungeon loot boxes can be randomized with him.
    That is, you do not have to chuck with pre-set chests,
    but the crates in the dungeon must be added to the chassis,
    which randomly draws items from your current content.

    Okey this working with treasure chest.. but on treasure chest have a limit. This solved that problem.

    For fun: If the players get permissions, players can create "owned dungeons, with funny treasures".

    The item sending quantity that can be contained in the small box can be set and the sending interval.
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