Wireless light switch plugin? ?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Graybes, Feb 27, 2012.

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    I have been looking around for a plugin that basically does wireless redstone connections. Now I know there are wireless redstone plugins out there but those all involve using signs. I want to be able to create light switches for rooms without having to use redstone. Basically the plugin could simply work like this...

    You first type in a command like:
    /lightswitch create
    Then a message tells you to left click on a lever, button or pressure plate.
    After you do that a message then asks you to right click on what you want to power.

    And there you have it. Now your lever,button or pressure plate will be wirelessly connected to whatever block you right clicked on. So switching the lever, hitting the button or stepping on the pressure plate will power the block connected to it. The plugin would be even better if it could connect multiple blocks to one lever,button or pressure plate.

    This plugin could be really useful once Minecraft 1.2 comes out and the redstone lamp block is added to the game. Does a plugin like this exist? If not it would be great if someone could make it!
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    PM me. I could do this for you.
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    I'm really interested in such a plugin as well. If you managed to create something like this, please let me know MiracleM4n !
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    Strebelschneck the OP decided to create the plugin their self if you would like me to make it shoot me a PM.

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