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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by McLister, Feb 6, 2012.

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    McLister [muhk-lis-ter] is a new web service for listing and keeping track of minecraft server uptime. This was originally planned out for release last year around this time but had been abandoned. This is a complete rewrite with all the main ideas in mind: ajax, sleek-ish/simple user interface and cross platform compatability.

    Current Features
    • Sleek web2.0 design
    • Full ajax form submissions
    • Full user-login system
    • Server listing w/ filters
    • Server addition
    • Server editing/modification/deletion
    • Server uptime tracker
    • Sponsored servers listing (but unable to get sponsored at the moment)
    • Voting w/ Votifier & Minequery Support
    • Contact Forms - suggestions, bug reports, etc.
    • Retrieving Slots information on all servers
    • Multi-Location server pings (different servers pinging from different locations at different times)
    • McPoints - Virtual currency system
    • Extra voting with McPoints
    Upcoming features
    • Android and maybe iPhone apps (jailbreak only?)
    • Themes
    • Developer API (?) for people who want the data in text form rather than on an image
    Of course, please let me know if you run into a bug or problem and don't hesitate to request features.

    and the URI is http://mclister.net

    Note: Requires javascript to be enabled. Cookies are required if you want to login. A JS-Free theme will be created soon.

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    - Mar 23 2012
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    • Temp fix for Asian characters

    - Feb 22 2012 to Mar 22 2012
    Show Spoiler

    • Complete Redesign [note: new design may have increased loading time for now]
    • Fixed a lot of bugs
    • A lot of stuff

    - Feb 21 2012
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    • Fixed voting with mcpoints

    - Feb 19 2012
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    • Added Force Rechecking servers for logged in users

    - Feb 18 2012
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    • Added voting limit with mcpoints (but points don't decrease)

    - Feb 16 2012
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    • Added Vanilla slot checking (works on any server, any mod | Took me ages to get this to work)
    • fixed since date at bottom of server info page

    - Feb 15 2012
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    • Re-fixed voting
    • Added voting with McPoints

    - Feb 12 2012
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    • Added a 3rd server checking every 11 mins
    • Fixed server country detection
    • Broke voting :(

    - Feb 11 2012
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    • Added 2 external "servers checking servers".
    • Fixed the appearance of the tips/notices bar
    • Wrote the MSP (multi-server-ping) script

    - Feb 10, 2012
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    • Added a tips/notices bar
    • Added the buy/earn McPoints pages
    • Fixed page view permissions (if you're not allowed to see the page, you get a 404)

    - Feb 9, 2012
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    • Added your servers to account profile/settings
    • Added server deletion
    • Added the obsidian themed banner to server info page(s)
    • Wrote the bug report and suggestions form
    • Wrote Brief McPoints Info
    • Re-fixed Voting (it actually works now)
    • Fixed some redirections after successful form submissions
    • Switched to a small tileable background

    - Feb 8, 2012
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    • Briefly wrote FAQ
    • Finished User-Login system (change password & email)
    • Added image preloading (trying to figure out dynamic html5 manifest caching)
    • Fixed a timestamp bug within MySQL
    • Added your servers to Account settings

    - Feb 7, 2012
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    • Add Voting
    • Fixed numerous bugs
    • Ported over to MySQL

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    heres my feedback.
    the images on this page are not working.
    ur site is extremely slow at loading
    and the fond ur using is sometimes not readable
    the MCpoints tab the buttons are not working
    the registration form must be atleast centered because now its to plain.

    but after that its a good start.:)
    keep up the work!
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    I like it. But there's too many top-sites to compete with. Add some original features and you got yourself a site :D
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    mmuziek Here's my reply :)
    Which images are you speaking of?
    I've added an image preloader and working on caching for html5 supported browsers but I'm using cloud flare which should make it faster... if it's still too slow, i may need to switch hosts
    Are you talking about the fonts not he navigation bar on top? or the headers (i.e. server names, filters, advertisements) or the regular text
    The McPoints tabs links were intensionally disabled as it's not ready yet.

    Thanks for the feedback

    Magestickown I don't think I've seen any other "top-site" with filters or a list where you can switch pages without reloading. But I already had that in mind with the api and the mobile relation.
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    Haha, there's a few that I've seen, can't quite remember what they're call though, I'll find them :p
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    Will you ever support Votifier?
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    Magestickown I see... you are right, I found one or two just now but mclister has an instant filter and now a search bar :D

    TheBeast808 Yes. Votifier is already supported

    For those interested, I'm updating the updates spoiler with the changes I have made when every I change/fix something...

    Also, I have changed the background to a small, tileable, and more web-friendly background that's only 94KB. The old one was a shocking 1.4 MB :eek: That should kill some of that load time.
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    Oh, neato :D

    I like the feel of your site more than others, since it uses AJAX etc.
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    Too bad that this does not work with NightQuery
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    dwi Nightquery seems a bit out of date at RB1000 and the developer states that it shouldn't be used for this.
    But, if the outputted data uses the same formation, it should be compatible
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    Here is my opposition
    the site is to fancy you better should make it simple basic and proffesional
    not like:
    th3cleaner@mcserver likes this.
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    Freestyling yea... I had that feeling... so I had been thinking about having multiple themes where users can choose between. but if you think this is too fancy, you should've seen the old one :D

    and purchasing and earning McPoints is now functional :D
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    oh btw instead of addchoices use addsense of google 2 to 7 cents a click.
    gave me 400 bucks a month :D
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    Freestyling I am quite sure that I do not have a choice... AdChoices is an addition to AdSense and even if you were/are using adsense, it would still show up as AdChoices...

    Oooooh Schnap!! I just discovered how to get the server status, motd, and slots without requiring a plugin or logging it in the server logs :D

    I will add this feature tomorrow

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    I have completely changed the design of the site, making it more 'web 2.0'. I've also fixed a lot of the bugs I've noticed and everything should work except for getting sponsored. If you see otherwise, please notify me here or via the contact form on the website.
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    TheLimaBeanman Glad you like it!

    Also, I've noticed a bug with Asian characters and quickly fixed the main parts. I will go deeper into this soon. Thanks to ytsud1414 for adding their Japanese server.​
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    Yet another server list, *sigh*.
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    Holy crap, you list 27 servers! Amazing, but that's way too many to pick from!
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    Yet another hater, *sigh*.
    Besides that, it has plenty of unique features that differentiates it from others.

    Holy crap, you did not read the part in the title that says WIP! I just opened it up to the public recently anyways, wasn't expecting many users.
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    I'm not a hater, I'm a sigher. *Sigh*
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    El Presto

    Press the link to go to the site, closed it, clicked again and got suspended. I don't know if its that site or me. :/
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    Suspended ^_^
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