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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by IDefusee, Jun 24, 2011.

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    We're working on it ;)
    It just takes a lot of PHP and javascripts and such.
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    Any time frame for when a release (even if its not that polished) will be.. well.. released? I've been looking for something that looks visually appealing while still is functional at the same time but haven't been able to find anything.
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    I would like to take on this project but I couldn't do the frontend (HTML/Javascript etc) or the connection to the server, but I am very good with PHP.
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    its good to know it is in production :) its hard to run a remote command line server :S
  5. Im thinking about doing this, all it would require would you too have a small java application running in the background on the same server where your minecraft server is running, this enables people who have there own dedis or vps to use the software, not just hosting companies.

    Now thats how I would personally make the connection barrier between php and java possible - sockets.

    Please remember that ive never actually used any minecraft website managers, so they might do it this way i suggessted i dont really know.
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    I think most of them use Perl or Python to control the server.
  8. Oh ok
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    Hey guys, little development update here. We've got the bukkit plugin basically layed out, and we're working on trying to connect the website to it. If anyone thinks they can recreate that GUI, contact me immediately. We REALLY love it.
  10. Use sockets to communicate between the website and bukkit plugin, just make sure that you use some sort of encryption, possibly using hmac with the key as some sort of secret key.
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    You don't have some socket code lying around somewhere, do you?
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  13. No problem.
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    I did all the Graphics.
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    NICE :D
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    Will it be out soon? I would love to BETA test it, KEEP THE GUI from the screenshots, it's great, also, use JSONAPI, with Remote Toolkit to access the server
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    When you say recreate the GUI... you mean recreate it and produce it in HTML/CSS? because that I can do, and would love to help.
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    Dainel Vera

    Ill be more than happy to help with that!
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    hey i have a question, will you give us the files to host it on our webservers? or what?
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    You guys realize this is from August? Better look at this.
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    Sorry guys but the remake project has staled. We are no longer working no this
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    Hello. Just wondering if this plugin is dead. Is it? I know you said it's stalled but is it dead? Want some help though? I'm good at coding and I can design a gui if necessary.
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    Well, we did start on it, but after a while I got no response whatsoever from my team mates.
    And since I don't know ANY PHP, it just wasn't going to work.
    I'll just contribute to SpaceBukkit now.
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    @Lolmewn when beta is finished we'll probably enlarge the team, and you are first candidate :)
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    So your still working on it?
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    Ah, I see
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    Is there any mac support planned for this?
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