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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by IDefusee, Jun 24, 2011.

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    Welcome to the development page for a brand new web based interface to Bukkit that will fully revolutionize the way you manage your Minecraft server!

    Planed Features

    • Web Based Interface for Bukkit and your plugins
    • Start, Stop, Restart your server
    • Configure all aspects of your server
    • Permissions 3 and Group Manager Support
    • Automatic Backups of maps.etc
    • Features for hosts (Memory Limits, Threads.etc)
    • Real time monitoring of your server



    Dashboard :



    PHP5 + MySQL on NGINX (Linux)
    Linux based OS for Linux Wrapper and Host Features
    PHP5 + MySQL on IIS7 (Windows)
    Simple Start,Stop,Reload.etc No Host Features
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    looks nice when you gonna release
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    Feature Suggestion: An online, syntax-highlighting YML editor for the plugin config files, as well as an editor for the, whitelist.txt and op.txt :)

    This would be extremely useful for co-managed servers. For example, I am supposed to co-manage my friend's server who lives in Florida, while I live in Germany, so he has to grant me port 21 access to the server directory. This would make it much easier.
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    who did all the graphic work? the buttons/progress bars are awesome
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    Looks very nice and clean! When is it going to be released?
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    i want RELEASE
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    This is brilliant, and I want it. In fact, I want it enough that I offer my help as a web developer. Feel free to contact me at if you want someone else on your 'team'.
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    XLawless BaronX

    mate looks mint
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    Looks amazing... release it soon please!
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    When can I get my hands on this
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    I think he stopped deving it
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    If he has, I would gladly pick it up again. I'd love a free alternative to McMyAdmin.
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    Same here,
    I know Html, CSS, Batch, Javascript, and PHP,
    I would love to be to work on this.
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    "IDefusee was last seen: Jul 24, 2011"

    Seems pretty abandoned.
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    I sent him a PM, I'm hoping that will be enough to get his attention. I'm a little disappointed it wasn't open source to begin with.
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    You guys don't think he actually had anything programmed, do you? That was just a mockup, from the looks of it he had no backend code to go with it.
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    i could just work from his mockup, if i get it ( the GUI is the only problem i would have )
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    Agreed. I am terrible with GUIs.
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    It looks.. so aweomse!

    See, it's so awesome I can't even spell the word awesome right anymore!

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    But what can we do with it.. *Thinks about joining and telling him, but doesn't have the time to do so!*
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    i'm just saying i already joined the forum and sent him a pm
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    very good of you ;)
    Please keep me/us updated!
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    Ok Well i talked to him
    and I think i'm going to pick up from where he left off (but he dosent have the psd's anymore so it will be from scratch) so if you want in let me know
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    I could do some server-connecting part. Like compatibility with plugins and such. I sux @ PHP , but I can test what you made aswell ;)
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    Well trustfully i suck at regular java and i'm great with php and html
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    I'll do the Java Part, PM me when you need to connect to something!
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    If you guys want help with anything I'm available. I do some web design and a bit of java development, so I might be able to help out. I could try to help with the gui, but no promises. The start/restart part seems difficult. I'm pretty sure we can't do that with just a plugin.
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