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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by alexh, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Qstat - MySQL Server status and info saver
    Qstat website - Minecraftis.me
    Qstat will be one of the first bukkit plugins for get server information to a website via an MySQL database, i got the idea for this when trying to find a reliable plugin to get information like if the server is on, how many players can be on at once, how many people are online and who are these people; All without using PHP Fsock or the risk of someone repeatably requesting Server information and causing lag.​
    If this is not the plugin for you and you can use PHP Fsock on your site or don't mind 3rd party stats sites then i recommend the use of minequery
    This is my first time coding in java and bukkit so im learning what I need as I go along, The end idea is that you can configure what to send to the database and write your own PHP scripts to grab them for display on your website or for allowing 3rd party sites to contact your script and get the information.​
    My current build (0.2.7 STABLE) can get data such as:​
    server IP​
    server Port​
    Allow flying?​
    Online mode?​
    Max slots​
    The servers name​
    and a list of players name who are online​
    All of which is ready to insert into a database once i get round to the MySQL connection coding.​
    (currently this data is only sent to the server console for debug)​
    • Add the MySQL connection
    • Read a Config.yml for settings including:
      • mysql host
      • mysql username
      • mysql password
      • mysql database
      • What to send to the database
      • Inerval to send (default: 5 minutes)
    • Add more information to send?
    What you can do:​
    Currently i need people to give me suggestions at what data they would like the plugin to return, Tell others about this project and for those who have the ability to do so Donations towards my hosting fees and other Minecraftis.me team projects Are much appreciated.​
    Q: When will this be available to use?​

    A: By Monday evening i should have a working basic release available, If your interested in testing it please email me at alexh[at]indieis[dot]me .​

    Q: How fast is it?​

    A: That depends on your servers speed but it only grabs data and sends it so faster than you can blink.​

    Q: Do you have some screenshots?​

    A: Currently it only sends data to the server console but if someone requests to see that i will oblige.​

    Q: What does Qstat stand for?​

    A:It means Query status, because you send SQL Query's to MySQL.​

    Q: Where is the logo from?​
    A:I made the logo my self and i meant to remind you of the MySQL logo due to its colors​

    Q:How much JAVA experience do you have?​

    A: Um.... about 6 hours of posting this, first time for everything, ITS SURPRISINGLY EASY!​

    Q:How are you learning JAVA and BUKKIT?​

    A:Step one: get eclipse​

    Step two: follow the setting up tutorial​

    Step three: READ JAVAdocs while your coding​

    Step four: Profit!​

    Thanks for your time :)
    DEMO VERSION NOW AVAILABLE ON REQUEST! (PM what you intrest in this plugin is, you database host,username,datbase name and ill try and get password in the config.yml working)

    UPDATE: adding sql support now, if i can be bothered i might add sqlite but im not a fan of it

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    Glad to see you get this out Alex!
    I'm using a "secret" version on a my minecraft server right now and it's outstanding! Of course as he said it doesn't put it on the website yet, but that's coming super soon! Great work Alex! :D

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    Thanks mate :)

    For those who wish to try it, a demo that it can grab the data is available.
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    i have version 0.2.9 ready which includes some minor bug fixes, unnoticeable speed improvements and a considerably smaller plugin size thanks to clearing out 50% of my debug code, which is no longer needed.

    As a final note 0.3.x will have MySQL support provided by PatPeters SQL libary - TAKEN OVER FROM alta189.
    And 0.4.x will have custom settings support
    0.5.x will be a private alpha bug fix's
    then hope fully we can release to 1.0.1 and get listing on the plugins list :)
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    um.... BUMP!
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    wait so 0.3.x will have mysql, so 0.2.9 of a stats plugin for mysql does what exactly?

    I am looking forward to a full release of this tho
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    0.2.9 grabs basic data and just as a quick note, I FIXED MY BUG! 0.3.1 in 2 days max
    ive deciced that 2.x.x will have http post request compatability, so people can do what they like with the data but a less secure method


    and Moderators please lcok this topic

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