[WIP/WEB/ADMIN] Melooon - Bukkit web administration for everybody (NOW OPEN SOURCE)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Jacob Marshall, Jun 4, 2012.

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    is this free ??? (stuipd question but u never no)
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    Jacob Marshall

    100% free, and open source (useless at the moment though, as its currently in development). Its not a silly question :)
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    (wall of text, tl;dr at the end)

    I'd love to help in any way I can (this sounds awesome!). I'm not sure what you mean by server wrapper, however. I know Java(most of the language, and a large portion of the Bukkit API), and Python(which you should be using for your web part anyway [Django FTW], though I haven't programmed in it for a while). I've been considering doing a project like this for awhile, and now someone's started, well, that's great.

    I was thinking of having one plugin the server admin installs(let's call this client), and then servers hosted separately on a website(melooon.net?, let's call this the host). One would sign up for an account on the host, make a server with a key, install the plugin, and in the config put the key. After a reload, the two would connect and function.

    The plugin works by continually polling the server(I say 2-5 times a second for really quick things) and the server returns a JSON list of commands(easy with Python). If the plugin wants to tell something to the server, it polls the server with an additional JSON object describing the commands.

    For instance, I am a server admin and I want to ban a rowdy player.

    web = me, using the web interface
    host = python/php on the hosted separate server
    client = the plugin I installed on the server

    web: I click ban on Notch's player button or whatever.
    host: add to commands json object
    client: polls the host. Host returns json object
    client: does the command, polls the host with a finish command
    host: send to web player is banned via asynchronous javascript
    web: update Notch's status to banned.

    ^ This way, the admin minimally installs a plugin to communicate to the host, and host does most of the work. Admin is happy happy, host is happy happy. Hopefully this process takes half of a second or a quarter of a second, depending on how often the client polls.

    I would love to help, and the admin should just install a plugin and the plugin and hosted server communicate with JSON.
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    Jacob Marshall

    Well, if you're still interested in joining us, I'd be happy to take you onboard. I have already figured out the architecture for the software, however we can talk more about your design at a later stage.

    Please PM me if you wish to confirm your placement with Melooon.

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    Wouldnt you want to be able to shutdown the server and restart it and things like that?!
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    Jacob Marshall

    That's why the going with the server wrapper instead.
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    Edit: i was legit about to post here asking if someone had or could make one, and yes the image above umm.. yeah.
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    You can actually use RemoteToolkit as a base and just develop a module to provide specific functionality to meet your requirements. Both SpaceBukkit and MilkAdmin take this approach.
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    Jacob Marshall

    I actually finished a concept of the wrapper while I was at school today... screw internals :p

    EDIT: I was joking about the 'screw internals' thing... i'm actually rather hard working at school :D
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    This is exactly what I am looking for! I don't know how to code in any language except ASM :( (good for computer bootloaders an OS kernels, but not for Bukkit :(). However, I am very good at networking and servers, and perfectly willing to test this on my Minecraft server. I have Bukkit 1.3.1, some plugins, a mySQL server running on the same computer as the MCserver. I also have a spare rackmount unit that I can use for the web end.

    Details (If you want):
    Minecraft server: 2x quad core Intel Xeons, 20GB RAM, bukkit 1.3.1, plugins, mySQL server, Ubuntu Linux 11.10.
    Web/forum server: 2x dual core Intel Xeons, 8GB RAM, Apache 2, PHP 5, Mac osX 10.7.
    Spare server: Same computer as the web/forum server.

    All of the servers sit on my server rack on my LAN, at home. I can make changes to software and hardware as it may require.
    PLZ, don't be afraid to use technical terms, I know what you are talking about.
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    Jacob Marshall

    Currently I have my own forms of testing the software. Seen as I am the only Java developer on this team, I am the only one testing at the moment, and its working out pretty well I may add.

    If you would like to PM me anyway, as I will be growing the team more and more when the core system is ready to be used for testing purposes.

    In no way, shape, or form is the software going to be used for commercial usage during alpha or beta stages.

    So, go ahead PM me if you wish, i'd be happy to talk more about this in private :)
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    I love you <3

    (in a non-weird way)
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    Jacob Marshall

    Haha, cheers... I love you too!

    (in a totally weird way)

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    Oh hang on, you're using PHP!
    I like this even more :3

    If I can help in any way (PHP/MySQL/jQuery/JS/AJAX stuff/CSS/Photoshop/Design) let me know :)
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    Jacob Marshall

    Feel free to drop me a PM if you're interested.
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    I really want this! :)
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    It would be nice if it was easy to install (simple place the jar in the server root folder). RemoteToolkit in my option is a pain for server admins to set up.
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    Jacob Marshall

    Trust me it is, and sadly I do have to agree with you about remote toolkit, I hate setting it up for the first time, which is the only reason I'm making my own.
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    The toolkit requires nothing more than to be placed in the server root directory and run in place of the bukkit jar. This is virtually the minimum amount of effort required to set up any wrapper.
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    Jacob Marshall

    I'm almost done with my wrapper, and it's just one jar, placed in the same directory as craftbukkit.jar and excecuted instead of the usual jar.

    (sorry cba to quote, iPhone screen is too small)
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    Last time I used it there was multiple files to go in multiple places.

    Hey, I would like to contribute. Is there a repo I can post pull requests on yet? Also I just noticed your a Kiwi like me :)

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    Jacob Marshall

    So, that makes 3 of us, drdanick + me + you :D

    As of yet, there is no pull request system for anything... The wrapper will not have any API support at first, but it will be all open source, as will the web software and the plugin to go with the wrapper.

    But more information later on in the development.
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    Most of the files, particularly the configuration, is auto-generated by the toolkit if not present. The bukkit plugin .jar does need to be placed manually, but it technically isn't needed for the toolkit to function.
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