Inactive [WIP][WEB/ADMIN] McMyAdmin 2 - Beta 1 available to download now (Win/Linux/Mac) - Easy to install!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by PhonicUK, Nov 7, 2011.

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    I mean when it's in full release, when the public are able to buy it and don't have to Apply for the beta.
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    Right, you already can.
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    Yeah, well, me being stupid, I didn't realise that McMyAdmin 2 was a V2. I thought it was a standalone version that would cost considerably more than the older version, ah well, thanks ;)
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    PhonicUK No matter what I do, the Max Players is reset to 8. I changed the value in the config (both the McMyAdmin.txt and the to 50, and even on my McMyAdmin management webpage in the configuration section, it's set to "50, Maximum: 50". Is this a bug?

    Edit: nvm... saw that you have to pay? Dafuq, lol...
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    SpaceBukkit! Ok that's enough advertising for me, I am leaving.
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    Nathan C

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    Why in the WORLD would you use Multicraft? It has SO many less features than McMyAdmin.
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    Nathan C

    Because it is simple and lightweight, yet powerful. It does not require the disgusting 1,000,000 Mono libary garbage or multiple RTK plugins and it can easily manage hundreds of servers at one time.

    Oh and you can have the control panel installed on a dedicated webserver and it can remotely control many different node servers. I do not think McMyAdmin can do this.

    Such as?
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    It no longer requires Mono, unless running x86 or Mac OSx.

    This is not yet a feature, but it will be added soon.

    Permissions Exporting, editing game settings, better UI, more advanced scheduling system, very simple setup, about 30 seconds for Linux and Windows, simple updating, and much more.
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    Pricks! :p
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    Nathan C

    Well hey, at least it is better than BloatSpaceBukkit!
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    dark_hunter lol

    @NathanC Indeed

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    What is better?
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    dark_hunter Assuming you are asking which is better out of MCMA, SB, or MultiCraft, MCMA by far!
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    McMyAdmin by far.
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    any chance on integrating with bPermissions?
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    PhonicUK has bPermissions support planed.
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    Is it possible to add mobile support for symbian nokia phone.
    i have a nokia c5-03 with symbian s60 5th edition, i have bought a minecraft server with mcmy enterprise as an addon, but i cant acces it with my mobile phone.
    Will you make an mcmy enterprise app for symbian s60 5th editions

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    PhonicUK does not make the mobile versions.
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