Inactive [WIP][WEB/ADMIN] McMyAdmin 2 - Beta 1 available to download now (Win/Linux/Mac) - Easy to install!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by PhonicUK, Nov 7, 2011.

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    Also, it's not a race to release things, I would prefer to wait longer to get something better, not just getting a rushed system.
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    By definition, that sentence Antariano posted was an ETA.

    Agreed. Though I must admit I am curious which will release a finished product first.
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    It's kind of moot, both projects are only releasing Betas anyway. One being a completely new project (and as such, more to test, more to get right) and the other being a newer version of an existing project (which while a large overhaul, doesn't need quite as much testing)

    I wouldn't be at all surprised if both released on the same day. They've both been 'any day now' for a while. My todo list though basically consists of:

    - Finish sorting out the group settings in the users and groups UI (prefix, inheritance, etc - the users and groups bit is done)
    - Make the diagnostics display the results (at the moment it just does nothing with them)
    - Make the update button work (the code for it works since its from MCMA1, just need to put the buttons in)
    - Test the new loader, link, and release.

    That's just for Beta 1, Beta 2 needs some more stuff - but this gives me a good stepping stone to test the really important bits.
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    If I applied in that beta thread, will I get in for sure?
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    Everyone will eventually, it's just a matter of what order. Beta 1 will end up being public, but the people who applied will get it first - but not all on the same day.
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    Well I'm carefully awaiting MCMA2 ;)
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    I just finished the groups UI, dropping the Diagnostics from the beta (It's pretty low priority in practice), sorting out updates then build and ship!
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    I'll take a download now! >:D
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    I'm going to do another build tomorrow using glibc 2.5 instead of 2.8 - hopefully more distros will work that way.
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    Any plans for having a way to make 2 a windows service without using a 3rd party app on Windows Server 2008?
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    So when are you planning on finishing and releasing it? And have you started giving out betas? :confused:
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    The beta has been publicly available for a while now. The next release is going to be a full production/retail release so a lot more stuff is going in. Should be shipping relatively soon.
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    :O Awesome :D
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    Will there be permissionsbukkit importing? Today I had to reinstall MMA and all of the groups were set to default, but permissionbukkit cfg still had all of the ranks and wouldn't automatically create the groups in the webgui.
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    He's responded to you.
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    Can I use Mcmyadmin with another computher with person edition?
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    Yes. All editions allow you to access McMyAdmin remotely. The only limitation on Personal is the 8 player limit (and in MCMA2, a limit of 4 worlds and no multiuser support)
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    What is the multi world pluging going to be?
    Please say Multiverse :D

    Also, Just clarification, is MCMA2 a free upgrade from 1 for people who have bought it?
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    it is free, yes.
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    ......Up Defiantly just jizzed.
    I cant wait for this! My host is going to move to this when v2 is out. SO PUMPED!
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    Multiverse is going to be the supported plugin (The initial 2.0 final release won't have multiworld support, but it will be coming soon after)

    MCMA2 Pro is a free upgrade for existing MCMA1 Pro licence holders
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    How to configure McMyAdmin remotely?

    ty i did is!

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    Brilliant, Thanks!
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    Edit its McMyAdmin.conf file over SSH?
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    If I'm right, the update will be released around 5 hours from now. That's if PhonicUK is still releasing midday.
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    Does this mean that If I purchased a copy of MCMA now, I woudlt get MCMA2 on release? If I wont get a copy if I buy now, is there an estimate on the overall cost of the panel?
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    McMyAdmin 2 has already been released.
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