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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by BearFather, Jan 19, 2012.

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    Updated 11-26 version 2.0

    Ok so I been working on an admin setup for our server. And thought I release it to the public.

    I'm sure it doesn't work as great as some of the others on here. But it's a simple setup that does a ton of stuff all thru the web. And it not the prettiest. I'm no artist, I'm a coder.

    • Start/Stop your MC Server
    • Restart your MC server
    • Shutdown/Restart Physical server.
    • Incremental backup's of worlds and plugins
    • DropBox support
    • Restore from Backups
    • NetWork Stats(with vnstats)
    • Shows players online
    • Allows control of user permissions(with PermissionsBukkit)
    • Banning of players
    • Admin chat(for only those that can see the page)
    • View Server Logs
    • Server and System uptimes
    It is Linux only for now.
    Download version 2.0
    ***You can not upgrade from 1.* to 2.0. You must do a reinstall. Remove previous scripts and web directory.***
    For upgrades, unzip the scripts.rar file into your script directory. And unzip web.rar into your admin folder. Say yes to all overwrites.

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    Version 2.0

    Redid all the back-end scripts.
    Fixed several more bugs in backups.
    Server stopping has been redone, alot more output from it.

    Version 1.5
    Add button for DropBox
    Add button for Purging map backups
    Fixed a few bugs with backups
    A few performance tweaks

    Version 1.0
    First Release

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    Admin chat panel:

    Console chat panel:

    Control panel:

    Misc Panel:

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    • Unpack rar
    • Run install.cmd
    • Read
    ***You can not upgrade from 1.* to 2.0. You must do a reinstall. Remove previous scripts and web directory.***
    During Install I will check and try to install: Rar, Unrar, Rdiff-backup. One I do not check for and will in the future is vnstats(for net stats). This does inculde support for DropBox but you need to install it yourself.

    Player info: You will need to enable query port in MC server.properties. If you don't have the lines already there add these two lines. "enable-query=true" "query.port=25565"

    Crontab/Backups: You Need to edit the crontab yourself to set your backup times. To set this up type "crontab -e" If this is your first time doing this command it will ask you for default editor. I suggest nano. Then insert at the bottom of the file "*/60 * * * * (scripts location)/backup.cmd". This will set a backup once an hr. To set up a dropbox back up for once a week insert "0 10 * * 2 (scripts location)/drop.cmd" This will run it on Monday at 10am.
  2. Screenshots? Features? I doubt anyone will download it if we don't know what it looks like or how it works.
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    up, hehe ;d

    Screens, features...?
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    Good point. I threw this up right before I crashed. But Edited the OP with SS and alittle more info.
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    eeeeee .. this is.. simple.. and easy to read ;D
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    Ok finally got some time off from work. Cleaned up the OP and gave alittle more info.

    Adrenaline: That's my goal something simple that gets the job done.
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    This is freakin awesome. Any chance of commercial licensing? (Or will it be free for commercial use as well >:])
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    I had no plans on licensing this. Besides I don't think I can cause of xPaws stuff I use. Plus never thought it be used in that situation.
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    I just updated to 1.5. It got several bug fixes in the backup files. And added a few more features to the admin panel.
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    First of all sorry for my english and thank you for your panel, just enough, I would use it to insert it into a range of valve management server on which I work, therefore I would like to have your permission change your version 1.5.
    Merci à toi pour ce jolie travail
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    I'm glad you like it. Thank you. By all means do what you need to make it work for you.
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    Is this still active?
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    Active as I work on the code still. Kinda. Active and it still works. Yes. Have I made any new features and changes. No.

    This is what I use to manage my MC servers on my box. I make changes here and there, and throw them up here so people can use it. I do have some changes I want to do to it. Just no time to do it.
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    Don't want to be rude, but it looks... :'(
    I recommend Bootstrap, google it ;)
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    You are right it's ugly. I said it my self. But I wanted something simple and easy to use. Alot of MC server managers are pretty and cumbersome with a ton of crap that's not needed.
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    That's not an excuse. Just get rid of the (content/functionality) crap then?
    You should really look into Bootstrap, it'll atleast enhance the looks.
    If you need help just send me a PM
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    No my excuse is I have no artist skills. None what's so ever. Next day off I'll take a look.
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    Mhm your panel is probably easy to include at scripts like Joomla etd :) .

    I check it :3
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    http://getbootstrap.com ;)
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    Using these might not work for a person. Since these scripts have to run locally on the same machine as the MC server. And if you running Linux you have a PHP webserver already built in and running. If I was to use these frameworks, they have to install another binary and configure it to work. So I will stay with my ugly simple design. But I do thank you for the idea's I'm not against receiving ideas but these wont work for me.

    Anyhow I just finished 2.0 and waiting for a response from some people testing if it installs and run's correctly. Then I will post it up.
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    I just uploaded 2.0, if you are using a previous version this is a full reinstall.
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    Bootstrap doesn't have any server side code, I have no idea what you're talking about.
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    I think it was Joomla that was a plugin for a site. I have looked into Bootstrap. It's issue I don't have time right now to redo the sites to that. It does look cool and will keep it in mind for future sites.
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