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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by V10lator, Oct 22, 2011.

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  1. fxmodder still asked for it after I showed him a video... :D

    Bad news: Development slowed down even more cause of a bug in bukkit.

    Technical information: I need this to be fixed cause I want redstone input. So today I moved the code for calling the lift to a floor from onPlayerInteract() to onBlockRedstoneChange() (that means in the final version to create a input button you will have to click the block the button is connected to, not the button itself like shown in the videos) and wondered why it didn't work. :(

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    :( That sucks. Do signs that move it when your inside? Like:

    When sign 1 is right clicked inside, the lift goes to floor 1. Sign 2 takes you to floor 2, ect.

    Make it not have to use redstone is what I'm trying to say! XD

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  3. It will use redstone to call the lift to a specific floor. That way you can do thinks like automatic movement from floor to floor and such things. This will be outside of the lift cabin.
    Inside of the cabin you will be able to use a sign to tell the lift where it should go to. Like: Right click: Select floor, left click: Move to floor. The code for that doesn't exist atm. [sheep]
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    @V10lator: I saw a plugin named SignMenu - you could use it.
  5. Thanks for the hint but I will code it for myself instead of forcing users to use other plugins, too. ;)
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    ah so you wanted to use my Firedup plugin? :D makes me happy! ill get back to fixing it.
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    Sweet! This looks cool!
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    You are awesome. I've been worrying about the day that elevators would eventually blow up for some time now due to its extensive use in my giant Stargate Command facility that is connecting my multiple worlds. You're a life saver.
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    @V10lator If you need some Alpha/Beta testers I've a Linux Server with a lot of users where I can test ist ;)

    Hope the Plugin will be out soon
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    What about a chime for when the elevator opens?
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    would be epic win :p but you can rig it up with redstone easily
  12. I'm up for testing, i look forward to using this.
  13. Well, cause of the client/server design of minecraft you can't play a note without a noteblock. If you have a noteblock you can wire it with redstone as @nala3: suggested. ;)
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    Im sure the fine people at my server would be more than happy to test out the plugin for you if you need the help
  15. When do you think the plugins will be released the first time??
  16. @The Potioncraftlers:
    Mo release before that bug is fixed.
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    pls make it like the other plugin not with signs
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    This is some good stuff.
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    Any status updates?
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    V10lator, I would LOVE to test this mod on my sever. the one that i have right now is the one that the dude abandon =( so I am more than willing to test this when ever you get it up and goin.
  22. Could you create a BukkitDev page as placeholder? Would be easier to stay tuned to the release...

    And one question:
    Is it possible to use or convert the old elevators to your new plugin? And please add some kind of doors, so nobody falls into the shaft :)

    Oh, and if you need help for testing or development, I'm free =)
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    Well, the recommended build for 1.0.0 is there, is the bug fixxed yet :<?
  24. No. :(
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    Is everything except of the redstone ready?
    You could release your plugin and add these features you are planing on when the whole thing is fixxed...
    But well, your choice^^''
  26. No.
    I will release the plugin as soon as it's usable. The bug makes it unuseable atm. :(
  27. Which bug do you mean?? The door duplication bug?? Think won't be better in any version :p
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    Don Redhorse

  29. leaky was down at the time I started the linked thread, that's why I tagged stuff in there. Also @feildmaster promised to have a look into it. So no, there's actually no report.
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