[WIP][Twitch] Interactive game between streamer(s) and viewers!

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Barinade, Mar 20, 2014.

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    The players (in-game) work on a goal, the viewers (on Twitch) prevent them from reaching that goal by using various commands.
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    Ignore the lighter gray bracket, it's fixed now.

    ProBreezer is the official streamer for this, we're running it every day at 10PM GMT, stop by if you're interested in seeing the development progress.
    yesterday's run, recoded since then
    I am currently running tests on my channel (even if I'm not streaming)
    Nap time.

    Current commands: (all of which have delays)
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    !s|!spawn MOBNAME
    Spawns one of the mobname type near every player currently on the server.

    Gives the player one of the itemname type

    !slap PLAYERNAME
    3 damage (1.5 hearts) to the player

    !starve PLAYERNAME
    removes 3 hunger (1.5 legs)

    !nobreak PLAYERNAME
    curses player to not be able to break blocks for 30 seconds

    !nobuild PLAYERNAME
    same as nobreak but placing blocks

    definitely doesn't spawn tnt on the player.

    !drop PLAYERNAME
    cause player to drop item in hand

    !trick PLAYERNAME
    forces player to wear a pumpkin for 30 seconds

    Please post any suggestions/ideas you may have either here or on this page

    The stream currently runs 3 plugins, connection to Twitch, the game (uses the first plugin), and a plugin to write messages from Twitch in-game (also uses the first plugin).

    The Twitch connection plugin connects to the given channel and monitors activity.
    There are 4 custom events in this plugin.
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    TwitchChatEvent - When a viewer writes a message.
    TwitchViewerJoinEvent - When a viewer joins (must be logged in to Twitch)
    TwitchViewerPartEvent - When a viewer leaves (must be logged in to Twitch)
    TwitchCommandEvent - When a viewer tries a command

    There is also a toChannel method that can be called staticly:
    TwitchChat.toChannel("Hello Twitch!");

    If you're interested in using the connection plugin to develop your own Twitch chat related plugins feel free to private message me.
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    This is extremely interesting. I would love to see how this plays out more.
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    Very good idea to do something like that :)
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    Ok! I will be sure to check it out
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    Barinade Are you looking for people to help out? i am very interested in this.
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    I'll take ideas and testers, not sure if I would need any code help
    The biggest part I need right now is ideas, I can do most of the testing on my own

    Also, the idea behind the game has changed, instead of the stream vs the viewers, it's the stream either helps or hinders the streamers (or both), so there can be good/bad viewers. Sort of an anarchy type of thing.
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    Barinade alright, I'll see if I can come up with ideas then
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    If you want to show me some example code for any idea and I find it worthy of collaboration then we can work together on it, as long as you swear not to steal it :p
    I'm sure you'll probably find efficiency errors in my code that I can't think to do, so it might be good anyways.
    Right now it's just the ideas that are missing, I haven't come across anything I can't code myself in a timely manner.
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    Id like to try this out in my stream if possible? Just let me know any prerequisites for other plugins etc and if youre interested in someone else testing. Thanks!
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    Is the concept of this similar to that of 'TwitchPlaysPokemon'?
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    No, but I plan on making something that allows Twitch to control the character.
    Also, the guy streaming this has given up. Does anyone else want to stream this and it's updates?

    Skype: level70dwarfhunter

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