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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Digi, Jan 6, 2012.

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  1. This plugin allows you make boats, ships, wagons or anything made of blocks to teleport through a series of locations with waiting time on each point.... like a scheduled transport that actually disappears from the dock!

    Download only if you want to test it out.
    It's development progress is quite near finish, it needs alot of testing since I can't really test all the possible scenarios alone.
    Back up your world before using.
    Type /tc to see all commands in-game.

    Download: http://forums.bukkit.org/attachments/travelcraft_beta5-zip.8425 (source in jar)


    Current features:
    - Use any block structure as a transport (duplicate or not)
    - Pick spots where the transport will teleport to, stops and mid-travel points
    - You can use as many or no mid-travel points at all
    - Each point can have individual rotation of the transport
    - Points can have the position and settings edited (the order, not yet)
    - All transports and existing world blocks are saved to file when server shutsdown so no world damage occurs
    - Any placed or removed blocks are saved in the transport
    - All entities that are in a transport are transported along (players, mobs, items, paintings)
    - Any sign inside the transport that contains the transport name on the 1st line will display the waiting time and next stop.

    - Changing name of a transport (/tcsetname) is kinda glitchy, I recommend avoiding it for now
    - The transport may be se to air at a certain point, it happend once to me just now, I dunno why just yet.
    - Some items don't rotate properly, but I didn't have time to test out which. (I've tested all rotating blocks that I could find in the inventory and they all rotate just fine)

    Still to do:
    - limit the amount of blocks a transport can have I think I'll make it customizable, but hardcoded max is 120x120x120 which is damn alot =)
    - teleport existing entities somewhere safe before placing the transport in that spot
    - pirate/bandit/enemy vehicles that randomly occur during travel, delaying the transport until all enemies are dead or nowhere near the transport.
    - store paintings in model (currently the plugin won't store the paintings from a structure BUT once the It's too difficult to re-spawn them and stuff, I'll cancel this, you can still use paintings after you've started the transport !
    - optional transport block removal, placing or damage protection
    - use files for storing messages so they can be easily changed (in progress)
    - some minor stuff to improve quality (like imediatly start updating the first sign when placed that done, something else ? :-??)
    - finish the payment system, I'm having a hard time deciding what to implement =)
  2. Theres already a plugin called FastTravel(link) so I guess you'll have to find a new name :/
    Cool plugin though!
  3. Oh, ok, no biggie... I think I'll call it "Harbor" as I first did, but that was when I was thinking only about sea ships, this one works with any kind of block-based vehicle so the name doesn't really fit.
    Any ideeas on the name ? :} Preferably something made of 2 words that can be shortened so I don't have to make the commands bigger XD

    Still, I remember searching for the name but apparently I didn't search good enough =)
  4. I worked a bit more on it (edited thread with changes), but I still don't have any ideea what to name it :-??

    Well, I think I'll name it TravelCraft and that's that.

    Anyone tested the version that was posted before ?

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  6. Uploaded a new beta version that supports (optional) Vault's economy, need testers for this.
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    I'd like you to know that this is pretty freaking cool.
    That is all.
  8. Ok I uploaded beta 3 with a fix for the rails pasting.
    But I can't see the file in the thread, can anyone ? :confused: It's uploaded because it shows up when I edit but I can't see it here... weird...
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    Completely Agree.

    Cant see a thing. Sorry!

    Love the plugin concept. Shall get this as soon as I can see the d/l

    Could you change the cmd /tc to something else?
    Both Towny Chat and TempleCraft use that command.
  10. Just /tc is used ? I could remove that and leave /tchelp and /travelcraft.
    All commands have some aliases btw :}

    And I've posted a hard link to the download.
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    /tchelp isn't used. Thanks, for the quick change.

    And I will give it a go on the weekend. Thanks for the d/l link.
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    Wow this is perfect!
    Gonna test it out now :)

    Could you please make command alliases?
    Because i use TerrainControl and it use also ./tc
    Just checked the plugin.yml
    And saw there was /travel to.
    But when i do that i get this msg in my chat.
    (lang key 'cmd.help.listitem.' is missing)
    that 8 times and then
    (lang key 'cmd.common.listfooter.' is missing)

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  13. Hmm, weird... did lang.yml got created in the plugin's folder ?

    EDIT: actually I got the same thing, fixing xD
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  15. Yeah, I dunno what the issue was, it seems that getString(path, null) always returned the default "null" instead of the value... weird.

    Anyway, uploaded the fixed version, which is also compiled with Bukkit 1.1 using the new event system.
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    alright will test it out thanks :)
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    I have tested it and it kinda works.
    I'm only having a internal error when i try to save a point.
    when i add a name to it there is no internal error.
    But when i leave the name blank it give a errror.
    But the message says only add a name at stop points.
    EDIT: this was the console error btw http://pastie.org/3273958

    And i was also wondering why the wait time need to be at least 5 seconds.
    I would more like 2 seconds or something.

    And it would be great if you could add a option to select blocks that dont get tped.
    Like a tool where you can hit blocks and all blocks that you hit will be ignored when traveling.
    So we can make some other shapes then only cuboid.
    Like we have some airships and the top is wider then the place they walk in.
    So that means we cant make a bridge to walk in because that will also get tped.

    And it would also be cool to let it play a music disk while traveling.
    So we can choose a disk number and that one will start playing when someone enter a ship.

    And maybe some smoke or the sparkles from a boat added to make it look some more realistic.

    But even without this all i really love this plugin and i hope you can think about adding this features.
  18. Hmm, small fail in the code, fixing :p and I'll make a vehicle to make sure at least that works.

    Wait time is how much time to wait at a station if there's nobody there... so if you set all your points to 2 seconds, the transport will move every 2 seconds regarless of passagers.

    About the custom shape... I dunno, selecting specific blocks and stuff is kinda bulky, I would want to make something to select the entire vehicle without any possible fail point, if I make it so you just hit a vehicle and anything connected to it is selected would work just fine for *all* situations ? The problem is when selecting boats on water that may also contain water... and other stuff that I haven't thought of.

    I'll look into the music.

    I'm also working on a plugin that dynamically makes smoke if you make a furnace with a horn of the same material with a optional slab on top, that could be used with this because I would make it support any sudden movements so it can be transported... but I dunno what you mean by sparkles :confused:

    EDIT: uploaded another version, I've also changed the way lang is parsed so delete your lang_en.yml file so it can be re-generated.
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    Alright thanks for fixing!
    And the sparkles aren't needed but the smoke would be cool like steam ships.
    And i don't mean totaly custom shapes.
    But just how you select it now and that you can remove blocks with a other tool.
    I just need to remove 2 blocks so i can make a walk to the ship.
    And thanks for looking into the music would be great to see it work :)

    a new bug.
    When i do ./tchelp or ./tclist its all {0} and {1}
    and when i create one its says transport {0} created

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  20. Did you...
    Because I'm not using {0/1/2/3} anymore, I'm using %s, the other system had issues with single quotes because they were from syntax and I don't want people to get complicated with escaping stuff.
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    ow fail :S sorry

    Well my server just crashed by worldedit.
    And all air ships are gone :S
    And all paths etc etc.
    I made a lot and wasted like 8 hours on it.
    And now i can make them all again.
    And there are no errors or anything in console.
    It just said TravelCraft loaded etc.
    I hope there is a way to get them back working without resetting them all :S
    And i hope you can fix this even without errrors.

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  22. I don't think the airships are gone, the transport saves itself when you set a model to it, see /tclist, they might be loaded back.
    Still, I think I will modify the saving style... I'll make a info.yml that'll hold all the basic info, a path.yml that'll contain the path data and a model.bin that'll contain the serialized model of the transport and that way I can save after each action without re-writing the big model to file every time.
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    Alright looking forward for the update.
    Will wait with setting the ships up again till the update else i will just lose them again.
  24. It'll take some time, I'd recommend for now just stop the server after making everything, that'll ensure everything is saved xD
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    Ow :/
    Well i will try it again later then.
    Because this plugin is just to epic :p
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    Any ETA on when the save system is improved?
    The plugin is really useless now.
    Every time the server restart or reload all objects are gone and some points get removed.
    I really really love this plugin concept so i hope you can get the save system done soon.
  27. Well, I didn't work a bit on it because I was busy and kinda still am :/
    Still, in all my tests the transports loaded just fine with all points... if you're missing points and stuff it means that it didn't save them because of a iregular shutdown or something, it's not really crash proof (yet) XD
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    I have made them 4 times.
    And did /save-all /ws forcesave.
    And restarted the server normal.
    And all the 4 times they where gone :S
    But you have any eta?
  29. No eta because I don't know when I'll even start xD

    The plugin prints when it saves:
    2012-02-06 04:34:02 [INFO] [TravelCraft] Unloading TravelCraft v0.1beta.
    2012-02-06 04:34:02 [INFO] [TravelCraft] Stopping... please do not kill server!
    2012-02-06 04:34:02 [INFO] [TravelCraft] Saving...
    2012-02-06 04:34:02 [INFO] [TravelCraft] Done.
    Please tell if that prints, if they do and it still doesn't save, I really need to review the save process.
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    got that message when stopping server.

    2012-02-01 11:48:02 [INFO] [TravelCraft] Unloading TravelCraft v0.1beta.
    2012-02-01 11:48:02 [INFO] [TravelCraft] Stopping... please do not kill server!
    2012-02-01 11:48:02 [INFO] [TravelCraft] Saving...
    2012-02-01 11:48:02 [INFO] [TravelCraft] Done.
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