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    CobblestonePortals - The simplest Way of World Teleportation since the Invention of the Nether Gate
    Version: v1.0.1
    CobblestonePortals is a Plugin for CraftBukkit and will provide Between World Teleportation using the same Process Nether Gates/Portals do. The Word Cobblestone empathize in this Case the possibility of using every placeable Resource (Block) in Minecraft beside Obisidan and Bedrock to create a Portal when lit with Flint and Steel.
    Think about CobblestonePortals as the Most Simplistic Teleportation Plugin that is doable without just reworking Nether Gates. The "Sense" behind it as Discussed in [REQ] worry free Portal based transportation between Worlds is to Provide Basic between World Transportation while minimizing the Negative Impact on Immersion. The Target of this Plugin is to Seamless Integrate Into Minecraft / Bukkit.
    Look at it from an Roleplaying Perspective and you might Understand its Use.

    • Standard Shaped Portals to Pregenerated Worlds using Custom Materials
    • "Radial Teleporting" from one Main World to n Additional Worlds (roughly limited by the MATERIAL Enumeration)
    More Important than the Features are maybe the Non-Features
    • No In-Game Commands needed
    • No Break of Immersion
    • No Need for an Doctor in Astrophysics! You know how to use a Nether Portal? You know how to use any Portal!
    Download The Test Plugin

    • 1.0.1
      • Implemented Portal Frame finding (Find Frame from Material n on Axis X or Z)
      • Implemented Properties (Global Plugin Properties)
      • Implemented Properties (YAML User Configuration)
    • 1.0.1
      • Initial Begging for Help
    How is it supposed to work?
    Information about Configuration and generally about the Plugin are Documented on it's GitHub Wiki.


    Guys - I'm honest to you. I thought I am a decent C# Programmer and could Master Java to a Point where I get this Minimalistic Plugin to Work without even bother you (the Community) and I also never wanted to release it to the Community. Not because I don't want to share but I think most of the People don't care much about Immersion Impact and Stuff. But as I have learned - Java and C# are like 100 to 1. After Spending Most of my Freetime for the last Weeks to Get my IDE and GitHub to Work (VS is a kinda OOB Experience, and so is SVN in my Opinion) I came finally somewhere near Programming with Java. So - as you see in my GitHub Repository. There isn't much of an Plugin there and that's because I - most of the time - can't decipher what bukkit and/or eclipse want from me but before I lay it to rest I thought I give it a try and post here. I think all I need is some Kickstart. I will provide my Working Power as I can - I am a Programmer nonetheless and even If I can't program java (it's like a psychological blockade - i feel ashamed just talking about) directly I can provide algorithms, descriptions and documentation all found on the GitHub Wiki.
    So maybe I could wake some goodwill in one of you and lend me a helping hand. Thanks for Reading!

    Post Scriptum: Even though it seems like some sort of bribery (now that I write about it) I want to mention that I am willing to support this plugins and it's possible forks/spin-offs etc. with a Place to Test it (a Web accessible Minecraft Server - no, not Hamachi) some general Webspace (a Webserver with CMS supported webpage) and everything that represents my shear motivation to overcome my problems with java and bukkit.

    After a Week of Coding and not receiving any Help from outside I found the self assurance to do it myself and having a good amount of progress. So I have to be grateful to the community for ignoring my help request (no sarcasm intended) and forcing myself to do it on my own. Thanks!
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    This looks cool... What version of bukkit is it for?
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    Will it only be world to world travel? Can it travel from one place in one world to another in the same world?
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    I am very interested in seeing where you go with this. One option might be to have 2 blocks placed on top of the portal and matching portal. that would allow for a common look for all portals, while allowing the code to differentiate what portal is start and end.
  5. That is actually a quite good and also smooth idea :) Currently the Development is at halt because I could not find much of freetime (nor development partners) to do something related to neither this plugin nor the other Plugin I maintain :/
    Also it seems that not much people are interested on a smooth integration of such stuff but that the plugins need to do everything everywhere :/
    Currently I wait for Bukkit MC1.0 (because I think Mojang changed the Way Portals are incorporated in the Code and I hope it will be generalized - because currently it seems that there isn't much generalization at all in Minecraft) and then for SpoutCraft to catch up.

    With the Addition of EdwinRope it would be technical possible but I think it would be impractical. Because then you would need to separate "on world" portals and "off world" portals which would also limit the amount of maximum portals. On the other hand - now that I think about. One of the Blocks on Top of the Portal (or maybe the top blocks of the portal?) could be used as a switch. Also you could step up the amount of maximum portals by allowing combinations of materials.
    A Third Idea would be to combine both methods - so let's say a Glowstone on the Right Place states that the Portal is meant to stay on the same world. But then there would be also a problem with multiple portals of the same type. :/
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    Cool, the idea to mark a portal as an off world one would be pretty neat
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    I can't wait till this comes out!! I really want an awesome plugin like this! Can you email me when it comes out please?
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