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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by elycin, Jul 24, 2014.

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    My last attempt in to posting this didnt go too well, i stupidly forgot to put the topic. not sure how. but what a good laugh. I am not very good with Xenforo and topic posting, so sorry for the other post.

    Well, the name is a bit simple.... and itself, it is.

    I started on this project about a few days ago on my VPS that i run my website on, and I have been watching SpaceCP for a year almost and it was really inspiring, so I wanted to create something fancy like it, yet simple to operate.

    Everything panel-wise is hosted on a central location with an account and username.(Encryption, Salt and Peppered SHA2)

    SimpleMinecraftPanel is a literally, 'Simplistic' panel and daemon system written in Python 2.7 that allows you to manage and control your Minecraft Server remotely.
    The idea behind this was to be as simple as possible with as little configuration as possible for those that want a great Management Backend
    with a nice touch of Bootstrap
    console when it receives requests from the panel(Very Verbose):
    the panel with some early features:
    OS Compatibility:
    Linux (stable)
    OS X (Unknown)
    Windows (Not working, incompatibility.)
    Other information:
    Each server requires its own instance and an Available port.
    Requires Root for sockets.
    Each server is given an identification number. (Future implementation)
    Python 2.7
    CPU Usage (Not as desired, reads the OS instead of the specific process, In process of fixing)
    Memory Usage (Not as desired, reads the OS instead of the specific process, In process of fixing)
    Storage Usage (Reads the OS) (Complete)
    WIP Features:
    Online status of a server
    Remote console.
    Control page
    This is just my -working- prototype that is being improved.
    it will be released soon.

    You can view the system here: http://nodesoftware.com/panel/
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    elycin I see you are calling the usage stats with three different calls, now that isn't very efficient because your panel has to connect to the server three different times and request each thing separately... I'd recommend that you have one call for all usages and return the response in like JSON so it would be easy to read.
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    Working on that as well with merging and splits. so far so good but work is piling up. i just noticed your panel uses the same knobs. I just have so many ideas I want to add but currently don't have the time
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