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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by codename_B, Nov 18, 2011.

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    This is a simple plugin to store and archive screenshots grabbed remotely from the players on a command "/screenshot" which grabs a screenshot from every logged in player and stores it in plugins/screenshots/

    Using "/screenshot name" will screenshot the player with that name, obviously this only works for online players.

    Great for catching griefers in the act too!
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    D: looks nice but i dont like spout ;/ cannot it work without spout ? :(
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    Nop.. At least, not in a way I know of.
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    What do you have against Spout? There really isn't a way without a client mod.
  5. Will this take a screenshot of what the other player sees ?
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    Could we get a in-game screenshot viewer? Its hard to view the screenshots when you have to manage everything by ssh.
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    to hell with screenshots, make it so each person has there own windows and a 5fps video is sent!
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  9. I like that. Soon will we have Killcams or Cinematics with Spout ? 8D
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  10. Some people seem to think that it uses too much performace, but I never had any problems and I'm using it since BukkitContrib released...
    I hate if people dislike Spout :mad:

    The plugin seems nice. Will test it.
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    It's moistly just people not configuring their video settings correctly most of the time. Being as there are more options, people tend to mess around and set things to more than what their computer can handle. We're thinking of simplifying the page by offering Basic and Advanced pages and making the "Optimize" button more exposed.

    The rest of the time, it's just a bug that hasn't been found, reported, or fixed yet. If they don't report the bug, then it is less likely to get fixed if we don't know about it.
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    This would be AWESOME.
    You should also add a feature like punkbuster has, where it automatically takes photos of everyone online every so often and can either store them or upload them to an FTP server or something.
  13. Craftbukkit might BE Spout & Spoutcraft. I can't imagine the multiplayer without Spout actually, no lag serverside, awesome functionnalities and more coming soon, and even the client is much more better than original.
    If players don't like that, they're simply too dumb to use Spout (while it's really easy to install/use actually ...)
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    Will it be able to see their screen as if we were right there?

    I'm guessing they'd have to be using SpoutCraft client for us to see it, right?

    This would be great for catching hackers/griefers/cheaters.
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    Add the ability to have the plugin snap a screenshot when a player finds diamonds. Then you would have the ultimate tool against X-rayers!

    You'd be like "Hey you! Stop X-Raying!"
    And he'd reply "I'm not!"
    *Commence trollface* "I have a screenshot from YOUR computer. lolumad?" /banned/
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    Lol and I love your signature EPIC!
    Also @Wulfspider would it be possible to livestream a clients screen? so like for killcams you viewing another players screen so you can record player kills/ watch them cheating/griefing stuff like that
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    So, my question is, if the griefer wasn't using spout, could you still screenshot them?
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    no so this idea only works on enforced spout servers only :D

    Oh a question would be how many screenshots could you take a second so more like video or fps?

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    Not many, screenshots are high-bandwidth.
  20. No way to reduce screenshot quality, and record videos frame by frame in a newly created folder each time ?
    But anyway, the option wich could be cool is that everytime a player place fire, break diamond, place tnt, a screenshot is download in ALL users of a configurated group (cause I can't be on my server everytime).
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    What about compression?do a high compression that way the images would be about 20% less in size?or what about like secruity cameras? taking screen shots from a specific point on the world every 3+ seconds?
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    I guess I'll make a screenshotting API and make add-on plugins for this then :D
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    any progress updates?

    I want a download, now!
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    It's done, just waiting for the newest spoutcraft to be standard before release :3
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    Wouldnt mind seeing this.
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    nice, now i just need to hook into your code and make it into a video feed (5fps or less)
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    I always wanted a feature like this, big thanks :D
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    Bradley Hilton

    Now this would be amazing, you still planning on releasing this?
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    Yep yep.

    Released: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/screenshot/

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    SO cool. Awesome work.
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