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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by JeremiahJK, Aug 11, 2012.

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    I am making a Harry Potter server.
    I have realized the lack of public plugins for spells, Quidditch, classes, tornuments, ect.
    That is why I am making a major open-source Harry Potter plugin that includes everything you need for a Harry Potter server!
    This plugin will include:
    • Spells cast with a wand or by saying the incantation on the chat with wand in hand. If a spell is cast with a wand the incantation will automaticly be said on the chat.

    • Quidditch. Note that the brooms will not be shown in game rather an item in your inventory that allows you to fly due to the limits of SpoutPlugin.

    • Classes where spells are taught (players must be "taught" spells before they are avalible to use.)

    • Tornuments. Helpful tools used to make tornuments like the TriWizard tornument.

    • Houses. The students will be sorted into houses.

    • Sorting. The sorting can be either a fully configurable quiz or you can choose for it to be random.

    • Quest can be set up. For example you could have players gaurd the Sorcerer's Stone to get a reward.

    • Death Eaters and the Order of the Pheonix can be added along with other groups such as Dumbledore's Army to add some more adventure.

    If there is something not listed above that you would like post a suggestion below.

    If you are a developer and would like to help you are most welcome, post below.

    Thank you for your support,
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    HarryPotterSpells(currently WIP) can do basic sorting, but can do exactly what you described in terms of spells.
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    ik, but this plugin will do another kind of sorting, a quiz, where the player is asked multiple choice questions and there answers effect witch house they are in.
    The questions and answers will be completely configurable.
    As for spells they will be more configurable too (there incantations will be configureable along with some more options).
    And this plugin will have actual wands not sticks or whatever HarryPotterSpells uses, and this spell will show the curses in the air (if someone casts Expelliarmus a red/blue (not sure witch yet) beam will shoot out of their wand and whoever it hits will be disarmed) instead of just applying the effect to the player/mob under the player's cross arrows.
    And it has many more features listed in the OP.
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