[WIP][SEC] No_Grief Jail - Fully automatic jail with torturing. (Needs testers)

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by sayaad, May 23, 2012.

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    Needs a testing server with at least 3 people to test!

    Currently untested, so please identify as many bugs and errors as possible as they will help the development of this awesome plugin.

    Features :

    • Full customization :
    config.yml :
    Jail on:
      Blocks: 46,10,11,51,9
      Lava Bucket: true
      Water Bucket: true
    Jailed Players:
      Auto Unjail: true
      Can Interact With World: false
      JailTime(miliseconds): 1200000
      Check To Unjail Time(Miliseconds): 1200
      Allow Explosions (creepers, primed tnt, fireballs): true
      Endermen pickup/place blocks: true
      Kick Players on placing of illegal blocks: true
      Kick Message: '{NAME} Y U Place Illigal Block?'
    • Multi-World jailing, with only one jail in one world instead of one jail for every world.
    • 2 Warnings, then Jail
    • Ability to manually jail player/unjail players within a specified time(time is optional)
    • Ability to make any block an illegal block
    • Permission node to bypass the config with one node per item so there is absolutely no bad configuration
    • Allows players to torture prisoners by right-clicking signs
    • Rich in amount of torture methods
    • Jailed players respawn in the jail
    Permission nodes :
    • ng.jail.bypass - allows placeing of both lava and water buckets
    • ng.jail.bypass.<block id> - allows placeing of the specified block id even if it is an illegal block
    • ng.jail.bypass.* - allows placing of all blocks even if its in the config
    Setup :
    1. Install the plugin(You should know how to do this)
    2. Build a jail(Make it out of glass to players can see their griefers tortured)
    3. Enter command /ngj setjail in the jail
    4. Setup your torture signs :
    1st line : null
    2nd line : [No_Grief Jail]
    3rd line : <Torture Method>
    4th line : null
    NOTE : null = nothing
    Torture Methods :

    • Kill - kills all prisoners
    • Fire - Set em' on Fire
    • Poison - Self Explanatory
    • Upsidedown- They will never see the same
    • Slow - Slow their movement down
    • Blind - I see the light! Or wait....I am just blind
    • Hungry - Shouldn't have eaten that zombie flesh
    • Confusion - Say what now?
    • Torture - Combination of a lot of the above methods ^
    Please post if you have a server with at least 3 people and is willing to test this with me.

    For a full list of commands, enter /ngj

    Its Completed, just need testers for extreme debugging(I did all I can as one player, but I need several players to fully test)

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    I can test it ^^
    My server has always 3+ still queite small though
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  4. I don't understand why there are so few posts here. It looks good and i'm planning to give it a try.

    Is it possible to make people go to multiple cells or one prison overall? I can imagine it would be hard to have the code check if someone is already jailed and then put them in the next free cell, but who knows. Thats actually the main thing thats missing from most jail plugins.

    I just noticed your CCTV plugin, that would go great with the jail plug in !!! Getting more excited already ;-).
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    Its really appreciated that you shared your opinion but the project is dead as no one will really use it when Ultimate Jail is finished :/
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